Benefit's head make-up artist on how to create that elusive natural glow and other tips to beat winter blues

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Flawless foundation

“The biggest mistake that I see women make is wearing too much foundation which is applied too heavily. You want to go for a dewy, natural glow – a light layer so that it looks like a second skin and then apply concealer onto your problem areas. It’s so important to ensure that you get an accurate colour match by asking at the beauty counter. Even if you normally get a foundation by a high-street brand, try and go to a counter and ask the staff if it’s a good match!” says Lisa Potter-DIxon, Benefit’s Head Make-Up and Trend Artist and Brow Expert

Fast fat burn

“30 minutes of high intensity training burns far more calories and for much longer than 60 minutes of slower training (such as a slow jog) because it ramps up your metabolism and keeps the fat burning long after you have stopped moving,” says Steve Mellor, head of personal training and nutrition at

Lipstick lightener

“When it comes to wearing lipstick, choose cool tones to make teeth seem whiter. Cool shades of red and pink create the illusion of whiter teeth,” says orthodontist Dr Asif Chatoo at

Eat easy

"We don't have teeth in our stomach. Chew your food well, eat in an environment that allows you to chew, breathe and enjoy the ceremony of eating instead of gulping it while multi-tasking," says Amelia Freer, nutritional therapist at