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Beauty and Brexit: Europe’s best beauty products

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  • A
  • June 22nd 2016

I agree the EU probably do need the British market (as anyone selling anything knows more buyers are better than less!) and I have no idea of eu traders or quotas but I know that at least Weleda is a really common brand in Germany - it's like buying No.7 in the uk - good quality and reasonably priced and bought as an everyday buy rather than "cult" (it's also a bit cheaper), it's an essential so probably won't die a death with a few less buyers.

  • Holly
  • June 22nd 2016

EU traders need us to buy their products more than we need to buy them, therefore they're not going to increase prices and risk losing British custom and trade. Even if they end up paying more to export goods to the UK should it choose to leave, they will likely reduce overall costs to subsidise this as the British market is one of their biggest buyers, and they will suffer massively if they lose this custom.

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