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My Week in Food: Deliciously Stella

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  • Holly
  • February 10th 2016

I agree with Louise. Stella is hilarious and refreshing compared to the smug and saintly people usually featured on here. I am all for healthy eating and balance but some of the weekly food diets you see on here are laughable and pretty much impossible for people with 'normal' lives.

  • Louise
  • February 9th 2016

Thank the Lord for Stella's sensible 'healthful' advice to redress the balance........
I'm somewhere between sick to the back teeth and despondent at my personal failure to measure up to the arse-achingly smug food diaries that appear with monotonous regularity on this otherwise largely enjoyable site!!
Yes, yes, I do have Amelia's books and I even try to incorporate the food principles but let's face it - unless your job is to be a glowing food martyr (and let's face it, no one likes a martyr - it's no wonder they burned them) we should try and reflect a little more reality and less saintly food behaviour!!

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