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The best sun creams for sensitive skin

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  • Fiona
  • July 19th 2017

Does anyone else get a horrendous rash that almost look like red hard spots all over their back? This only ever appears towards the end of my holiday, I tan really easily and don't normally have sensitive skin. It makes holidays hell with the look and the itch from it. HELP!

  • Jasmine
  • July 19th 2017

A great round up post here. I love Avene, Vichy and Clarins but the Bioderma one sounds lovely! xx

  • Claire
  • June 15th 2017

Fabulous article. I was frustrated for years trying to understand why the sun hated me & dreaded holidays resorting to wrapping myself in cold wet sheets to cool my "on fire" skin. I even resorted to buying steroids in a pharmacy once. As a pharmacist I was desperate to find an answer to effective sun care especially as I have a beautiful red hair very fair skin daughter. Ultra sun for me is truly superb. Never ever let me down. Will look at other brands now but they will have to be super duper good (perhaps complement ultra sun which I am never without all year!) it works "all day" for school from one application

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