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The best sun creams for sensitive skin

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  • Fiona
  • July 19th 2017

Does anyone else get a horrendous rash that almost look like red hard spots all over their back? This only ever appears towards the end of my holiday, I tan really easily and don't normally have sensitive skin. It makes holidays hell with the look and the itch from it. HELP!

  • Jasmine
  • July 19th 2017

A great round up post here. I love Avene, Vichy and Clarins but the Bioderma one sounds lovely! xx

  • Claire
  • June 15th 2017

Fabulous article. I was frustrated for years trying to understand why the sun hated me & dreaded holidays resorting to wrapping myself in cold wet sheets to cool my "on fire" skin. I even resorted to buying steroids in a pharmacy once. As a pharmacist I was desperate to find an answer to effective sun care especially as I have a beautiful red hair very fair skin daughter. Ultra sun for me is truly superb. Never ever let me down. Will look at other brands now but they will have to be super duper good (perhaps complement ultra sun which I am never without all year!) it works "all day" for school from one application

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  • Judy
  • June 6th 2017

@ Jackie - thank you for your comment and sorry to hear you had a reaction. I had missed the MI in Piz Buin Allergy as they pledged to remove it back in 2014 but I'm not certain that they have as yet, so have removed from the recommendations. Hope the others work better for you!

  • jean
  • May 28th 2017

Used Nivea childrens sun protect 50+ on two consecutive days in the recent hot weather - really bad allergic reaction, now look like a burns victim, and using aloe, antihistamine and pain killers. Last time this happened to me was when Dr Hauschka changed their Rose Day cream that I'd been using for years. I used children's Nivea sun protect OK last year, so like Dr H, Nivea must have changed something! All a bit annoying as I'll have to suffer this for a while, and then it makes me hyper sensitive to all the things I'm normally alright with and have to reintroduce these again slowly. Wish I'd found your site before. Will give some of your sun cream recommendations a go.

  • Jackie
  • March 2nd 2017

Hi I used piz buin allergy and it contains mi I used it on holiday and my eyelids and face became very swollen
When I came home it was on watchdog .
I would never use this again on the face .

  • Rachel
  • August 19th 2016

Just come back from the most wonderful holiday in the Seychelles (exchange the words the Seychelles for "most unbelievably hot and humid island and at a constant temperature over a 24 hour period") and it was everything we had hoped for. However, after about 3 days I developed prickly heat on my forearms - wasn't expecting it. I demolished most of a 60 day supply of one a day antihistamines, have used a huge amount of antihistamine cream (only took them so I didn't get too bad a reaction to the inevitable mosquito bites) (benadryl) and had to do everything else you have suggested regarding showers and shade. I only wish I had found your article sooner and discovered your suggestions for sun creams. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!

  • Charlotte
  • July 28th 2015

I'm new to get the gloss, was online hoping to find a sun cream for my irritating sensitive skin and all this information has helped so soooo much i'm so happy i found this site i'm now going to purchase some of the recommended sun creams to test and hopefully find one for my holiday in two weeks which up until reading this i was secretly dreading the sun but now i have hope this holiday wont be the same as previous! thank you very much xx

  • Isabel
  • July 5th 2015

Some of these products are very toxic. I thoroughly recommend this completely natural product from Bareskin Beauty, I have very fair skin and it works amazing, and kids love its gorgeous smell!

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