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Which 70s icon are you channelling?

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  • Susannah
  • August 26th 2015

Cindy, if you read these profiles, there is mention of hair (Farrah's flicks, waves, Ali's curtain straight hair etc) and skin. I'm not in favour of whinging for the sake of it but I'm with Charlotte on this one. How can someone with a curly hair type (whatever her ethnic origin) relate to this? How would a black woman channel a tanned icon like FFM?
It's not about choosing to be unhappy and grizzling. Your response chooses to lay the blame at the messenger's door, which, with all due respect, misses the point. Poor representation for women of colour is just not on these days, not to mention out of touch.
Some black beauty icons this article missed out:
Diana Ross (70's disco phase obviously, for the hair and eye makeup);
Chaka Khan;
Beverley Johnson;
Angela Davis (principally for the afro);
I am almost embarrassed at the writer for failing to even mention any of these. Who do you think was the inspiration for so many of those 70's bubble perms, glamorous looks with flowers in the hair glittery disco eye makeup and glossy dark lips?

  • cindy
  • August 24th 2015

Charlotte Langron-Brown, I think they're talking about a style or personality or aura, not skin color, not black vs white. Truthfully, I didn't connect with any of these women, either, so should I make myself feel left out? Life is about choices, Charlotte, choose to be happy. Why can't we be friends?

  • Charlotte
  • August 23rd 2015

I'm black. Which of these 70's icon should I channel? I think you missed something, Anna...

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