The ultimate Sixties party look

It was the decade of rebellion that changed the way we looked forever. Here super stylist George Northwood of the Josh Wood Atelier shows us how to do the ultimate Sixties updo, 2012 style.

The kit
A comb
Kirby grips

The steps
1. Part dry hair wherever you would normally
2. Take a section of hair at the crown and backcomb the roots from underneath to give height
3. Repeat in sections towards the hairline leaving out the front two inches of the hair
4. Lightly smooth over hair with a comb
5. Pull your hair into a ponytail (but don’t tie it) and twist into itself at the back of the head
6. Fold hair in on itself so that the ends are hidden
7. Pin hair along the line of chignon using kirby grips to match your hair colour
8. Pull hair up at the crown to create the all-important Sixties height.
9. Spray with lots of hairspray to give a matt rather than glossy finish and hold hair in place.

Music – Come Together performed by the Artic Monkeys, from the album Isles of Wonder (click  here  to buy it on iTunes)
Film by Ben Vine
Model: Jess Mules
Make-up: Louisa Durrant
With thanks to the Josh Wood Atelier

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