September's Gloss Tips include advice from facialist Caroline Hitchcock to dab egg white on your face for an amino acid boost

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Don't shell out on eye creams
“In order to get rid of her under-eye bags, my grandmother used to use egg whites. Dip your finger into an egg white and gently pat into the skin under your eyes (not your lids though). Leave for ten minutes and then dab off with cold water. Egg whites are rich in protein and the amino acids present in them do wonders, plus it pretty much costs nothing!”

Caroline Hitchcock, Facialist and Beauty Therapist,

Get latte-skinny
“Caffeine can increase the amount of fat you burn. If you have a shot of caffeine before you exercise, it will increase the amount of fat you burn. Caffeine can also dehydrate you, so drink 150ml of water every 15 minutes,” says Steve Mellor, head of personal training and nutrition at Freedom2Train

Hair protection factor
"Here’s a simple, inexpensive way to protect your hair from the sun: mix some high SPF oil-free suntan lotion with your regular hairspray, (half and half) and spray on wet, clean hair. Comb through for even distribution and style as usual," says trichologist Philip Kingsley.