Even the A-listers aren't afraid to tell the world they love their mums, says Emma Gunavardhana

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It was modern day philosopher Kanye West who mused, “It don’t gotta be Mother’s Day or your birthday for me to just call and say… Hey Mama”. Rap’s bad boy and controversial Vogue cover star isn’t the only famous face happy to tell the world they love their mum.

Two of Hollywood’s most delicious-looking men eschewed supermodel arm candy at the Oscars earlier this month, favouring their mums as dates. Jared Leto not only took his mother, Constance, but devoted much of his acceptance speech for Best Supporting Actor to her. Who didn’t go misty-eyed when he told the world, “She was a High School dropout and a single mum, but somehow she managed to make a better life for herself and her children. That girl is my mother and she’s here tonight.”

He not only took her to the awards, he also shared the moment he invited her to the star-studded awards ceremony on his Instagram page.

Leonardo DiCaprio, who has previously been accompanied to the Academy Awards by Gisele, instead chose his mother, Irmelin. While the twittersphere poured love and support on Leo, using the hashtag #poorleo, when he didn’t win the Best Actor statuette, we think it was Irmelin who probably took his hand and gave it a gentle squeeze while whispering “2015 will be your year honey”.

Kissing your mum at the school gates is no longer uncool. Beyonce sings “momma taught me good home training” about her mother Tina in the song Flawless. Kate Hudson recently revealed she was in no rush to marry her long-term fiancé Matthew Bellamy because she comes from “an unconventional family” – referring to mother Goldie Hawn’s 30 year marriage-free relationship with Kurt Russell. Even One Direction’s Harry Styles wasn’t too cool to admit that he needed a break from global pop domination because “I forgot what my mum looked like”.

So while Mother’s Day means our mums have a full 24 hours of feeling special, pampered and loved, the lesson we can learn from the stars is that really, just like being a mum, loving your mother – and showing her you love her - is a 24/7 gig.