In our edit of the month's best launches we tried Trinny London's mascara and brow gel, a pre-wash that helps your hair grow longer as and a high street cream blush that's a rival for Glossier's Cloud Paint. Find your new favourites

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October new beauty launches are giving us plenty to get excited about. From Glossier's Monochrome eyeshadow, which had us asking 'why did they wait so long to launch a palette?' to a luxury foundation that makes you look healthy and well-rested when you're anything but, here's what we've been loving so far this month.

The skincare booster:  Face Gym Active Blast Instant Release Collagen Booster Spheres, £145

"After launching their in-house skincare range earlier this year, Face Gym’s first vegan collagen skincare booster has landed. This freeze-dried (a first for me!) collagen sphere gives your skin that signature post-Face Gym radiance and firmer, smoother skin. All you have to do is add it into a water-based serum, to absorb all of the potency deep into the skin." Catherine Fulwood, GTG commercial projects manager

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The multi-tasking makeup: Trinny London Lash2Brow Mascara + Brow Gel, £28

"This two-in-one is not only Trinny London's first mascara, but it's also the brand's first brow product too and well worth the four-year wait for its development. The mascara comes in a single black shade with one of five different brow shades, from Latte, which is a light brown, to Espresso, a cool dark brown. I found both brushes to be really well designed to deliver product in one fast easy sweep. The lash brush gives a definition that reminds me of  brow lamination,  while the cone-shaped mascara wand made it really easy for me to get into the inner and outer corners without 'blobbing' or smudging. It left my lashes with a long, defined and clump-free look – everything I want in a mascara really." Victoria Woodhall, GTG Editorial Director.

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The cool floral candle: & Other Stories Punk Bouquet Scented Candle, £17

"The new & Other Stories Scented Candle Collection completes the signature fragrance bath and body range, allowing four scents to be enjoyed in the comfort of home, not just on your body. My top pick is Punk Bouquet which is a delicious combo of vanilla and rose. With a burn time of 38 hours, at just £17 a pop these are candles you could easily get addicted to without breaking the bank." CF

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The bust-support: Meder Arma-Bust Cream, £105

"I'm sometimes sceptical about skincare that claims to be firming, but this line was created by medical doctor and dermatologist Dr Tiina Meder, who specialises in aesthetic dermatology, and has the backing of aesthetic doctor Sophie Shotter, so I'm inclined to believe that some serious research has gone into this cream.

The skin on our breast area is super stretchy to accommodate the size fluctuations we see as a result of pregnancy and periods, but this means it's prone to stretch marks. Plus the elastin in the area declines fairly early, so it can't hurt to give it a helping hand.

This silky cream was first launched in 2015, but has just been reformulated with five times more of the African plant kigelia africana, traditionally used in Africa by women on their breasts (it supports collagen and elastin production). The formula now also includes niacinamide to brighten the skin and banish age spots as well as natural soy peptides to help prevent sleep wrinkles.

It sinks into my décolletage like a dream – the area looks increasingly lined in the morning, which bothers me probably more than it should and this is helping to plump the skin and soothe my (shallow) worries." Melanie Macleod, GTG digital writer

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The invigorating cream:  Naturopathica Mighty Mint Rescue Cream, £35

"Naturopathica is new to the UK, but is an established wellness brand in the US; it was founded in 1995 in East Hampton and now has a spa and healing centre there and a chi-chi offshoot in Chelsea NYC. It's a place where you'll find crystals and Ayurveda sitting happily alongside radiofrequency. The skincare likewise blends traditional and technical. I was immediately drawn to this invigorating body lotion after three days of yoga teacher training when my mind and body were flagging. First and foremost it was a hard-working non-greasy moisturising cream with shea butter and glycerin. When the zingy mint and menthol got to work, they really put the spring back a spring in my step. It really is mighty, like an Extra Strong Mint – best for areas such as legs or tight shoulders. Remember to wash your hands before you touch your face." VW

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The foolproof tan: Bali Body New Instant Tan in Medium Dark, £17.95

"Not to brag, but I know a good tan when I try one. I'm an avid self-tanner - even though I am naturally olive-skinned and go darker easily in summer, the moment winter hits I’m almost as pale as Casper.

"I know and love the Bali Body self-tan products for their dark but natural effect (no orange or green tinges) but this wash-off tan, which you can also use to revive your fake tan, is a game-changer. I always fake tan the night before and it can be an ordeal asking my mum or a family member to do my back for me late at night. But this is just brilliant as you (or they!) can apply as you get ready.

"I used it with the Body Blending Brush , £13.56 (20 per cent off if you buy it with the Instant Tan) which makes the application flawless. It dried super quickly and didn't budge - I found it lasted longer than expected as it didn’t totally fade after one shower. " Amy Rostas, beauty assistant

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The new hair tool: L'Oréal Professionnel Steampod 3.0 x Barbie Limited Edition, £235

"I'm a hair straightener fiend. In search of super smooth, straight hair, I want to try them all. One I've always been particularly keen to test is the Steam Pod, which originally launched in 2012 – GTG's social media and graphic design manager Jemma has been raving about it for years, telling me she doesn't need to pass over her hair as many times plus the plates are bigger, so it gets the job done quicker. When the tool was given a Barbie pink makeover this month, I jumped at the chance to finally try it.

"It promises to straighten up to twice as fast as traditional tools, with up to two times smoother styling along with up to 91 per cent less breakage and damage. How? As you run the iron down your hair it releases steam which infuses moisture into the hair to make it super shiny and moisturised. It has an in-built water tank for creating the steam, so you don't have a huge bit of kit taking up all your bedroom space.

"I used this to straighten my hair this week and was seriously impressed by how silky and shiny my hair felt afterwards - it had none of the dry ends that sometimes come when I straighten my hair and two days later it was still straight (normally it's riddled with curls again after one night). I'll be slotting this straightener into my routine long-term" MM

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The viral makeup:  Ciate London x Christine Quinn No Filt-Her Universal Complexion Brightener, £26

"In case you haven’t watched the hit Netflix series Selling Sunset, Christine Quinn is a realtor to Hollywood’s rich and famous with a history in fashion at Vogue. From her collection with Ciaté (all pictured above), I love the No Filt-Her. It's sold as a ‘complexion brightener’ and a setting powder however I would say it’s similar to a highlighter that you can definitely build up. It has a more subtle glow than I’m used to (my go-to is Anastasia Beverly Hills' Amrezy Highlighter  – discontinued, RIP) but this is better for my day-to-day look. To be honest, I love Quinn’s whole collection with Ciaté. The range has various products with different textures and shades and it leaves you feeling exactly how Christine Quinn would want you to; powerful and ready to smash the day as a true boss b*tch would, whilst gorgeously glowing at the same time." AR

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The quick stress reliever:  Scentered Escape Five minute Foot Mat, £35

"I love the bossiness of this acupressure mat/aromatherapy balm combo: remove shoes and socks, apply balm to wrists or neck, step on mat for five minutes and breathe. I have been using it during screen breaks and when I get home from work - both times when I'm still very much in my head and could do with some balance. There's nothing like standing on spikes to put your mind into your feet and away from whatever brain baggage you're carrying. I have not yet managed the full five minutes barefoot, the sensation is quite strong, so I sit on a chair and rest my feet on the spikes after a minute or two for a softer experience (you could begin by wearing thin socks). The aromatherapy balm adds a relaxing ritual element and made me breathe more deeply. After just one minute of using this, my feet feel incredibly buzzy. If you struggle to switch off at the end of the day or if you work from home and need a segue between work and play this will change your headspace fast." VW

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The hydrating body balm:  Frances Prescott Tri Body Treatment, £50

"After what felt like the shortest summer ever, autumn has officially arrived. With the shorter days and colder nights, it’s the season to recharge at home and indulge in as much self-care as possible.  One of my favourite new pleasures is the Tri-Body treatment by makeup artist Frances Prescott. This multi-tasking body balm is a three in one product; it gently polishes with bamboo granules, papaya and mango enzymes plus there’s skin-brightening pomegranate seed extract to gently cleanse without drying and conditioning rice bran oil with fatty acids from seaweed extract.  It’s wonderfully hydrating with an invigorating fragrant blend of ylang-ylang, black pepper, vetiver and lime essential oils to lift the autumn spirit." ML-P

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The budget haircare: Monday Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner, £5.50 each

"I have wavy/curly hair but it’s quite thin and as most curly girls will be experienced with, my ends are dry and it takes forever to grow. I'm always on the hunt for a new product to benefit my hair and this certainly does. I've wanted to try washing my hair with rice water  to see if it would help it grow however I've found the whole idea a bit of a performance and I never remember to do it on wash day. So, when I saw Monday Haircare sells a shampoo with rice protein it solved all my problems. This stuff smells incredible and my hair honestly feels so hydrated, thick, and super shiny! I really hope this helps my hair grow too so will stick with it for a few months." AR

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The workout essential: Bombas Women's Tri-Block Ankle Socks, £13

"Any new workout gear, be it leggings and a sports bra or fresh socks, motivates me to get moving, so I was excited to try Bombas' socks, which just launched in the UK. Not only are they ultra-soft, they've been designed to not irritate your feet when you're running. There's a honeycomb mesh bit in the middle that stops them slipping down, plus a little tab at the heel so your trainers don't rub, no matter how long you've been running (though I can't claim to ever run more than 5k). One last plus point when it comes to Bombas: for every pair of socks you buy, they donate one to the homeless. In their research, the brand found that socks are among the most requested items in homeless shelters so they set about answering the call with their initiative." MM

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The pigmentation hero: Glow Recipe Guava Vitamin C Dark Spot Serum, £41

"I'm absolutely in love with the latest Glow Recipe launch. The silky non-sticky gel is quick-absorbing and stays a lovely pink hue with every pump. You’ll end up with even-toned skin as it uses no less than potent five forms of vitamin C , guava, and tranexamic  and ferulic acids (my fave!). It absorbs in an instant and smells fresh, it’s firmly got a place on my shelf." CF

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The thin hair saviour: Michael Van Clarke Life Saver Ultra Intense Pre-wash Treatment, £34.50

"If I could propel any part of my body back in time before the ravages of mid-life stress and hormones took hold, it wouldn’t be my crows’ feet or my pigmented cheeks, it would be my hair. Thin and shedding, especially around the hairline, it's a source of constant frustration, not to mention denting my confidence. Michael Van Clarke’s Life Saver pre-wash has been exactly that for me - a life prolonger for my suffering hairline as it strengthens the hair, leaving what you have less prone to snapping and breaking. I have used the original for years and the recently-launched Deep Sleep overnight version  of this silicone-free hair restorer, but now this double strength ‘Ultra Intense’ version has arrived. Ml for ml it is twice as expensive as the original, but if it gives results twice as fast, that for me is priceless." Victoria Woodhall, GTG editorial director

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The updated classic:  Liz Earle Patchouli and Vetiver Gift Set, £54.96

"Each year Liz Earle brings out a limited edition version of the cult Cleanse and Polish and this year they've added patchouli and vetiver to the mix, for a fresh, warming scent. It's not just the cleanser that's been sprinkled with the magic. There's a body wash of the same scent and body cream too to really envelop yourself in the fragrance. Until the 17th of October, you can get the trio on QVC, along with a classic Cleanse and Polish, Instant Boost Skin Tonic and Skin Repair Moisturiser, plus two pure cotton cloths and a soft cotton bag for just £54.96, which is a saving of £66.04! The whole set comes in a pretty lilac, floral print box, which makes it ideal for gifting. Stock up while you can." Melanie Macleod, GTG digital writer

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The long-lasting blush: & Other Stories Cream Blush in Pretty Peach, £15

"This is the first & Other Stories makeup product I've ever tried and after this I will be buying more! I'm a powder blush  kind of girl and have always been wary of using cream blush  on my cheeks, as I feel it can look patchy. However, I'm a changed woman after trying this creamy blush that becomes almost matte once applied. The colour lasts the whole day and doesn't budge.

"I used the ‘Pretty Peach’ shade as I prefer warmer, subtle tones and I am prone to turning red at the slightest discomfort so don't want to accentuate that. There's also a deeper, cooler Intense Rose and baby pink Everything Pink shade. It begs obvious comparisons with Glossier's Cloud Paint and when I tested them side-by-side, this one scored better for pigment density and blendability - and also bang for your buck. They are the same price and while Glossier comes in more shades, you get less for your money 10ml for the same price. " Amy Rostas, GTG beauty assistant

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The updated tech: Apple Watch Series 7, from £369

"I've been wearing an Apple Watch since March this year. I decided I needed one to hold me accountable for working out. It's definitely worked. There's something oh so satisfying about closing the activity rings each day (if you know, you know). The latest version, Series 7, has the biggest display Apple has made so far (the black border around the screen is tiny now, so what you're looking at takes up most of the screen), and it comes in new colours including a dark forest green and a pretty midnight blue. The new feature that pleases me most is ultra-fast charging - 33 per cent faster that the previous watch model.

"Another pleasing new element is that the screen is more durable and crack-resistant, which is good if you're a little clumsy. The final feature I was most impressed by is that the buttons you use to type (be it emails, or on the calculator) and now bigger, so it's easy to use for those purposes. Series 7 is a winner all round in my book." MM

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The new season nail shade:  Nailberry Time to Hygge Collection, £15 each

"I don’t usually get excited about new nail polishes, but this autumnal collection piqued my interest. It’s not your typical auburns and browns, but it still captures the spirit of the season with warm, jewel tones. Normally, I stick to classic red nails but I can’t stop myself from reaching for the 'Teal We Meet Again' shade. It’s sophisticated, versatile and makes a low-key bold statement – I love how it looks with my jewellery. The formula is also fantastic; one or two coats of polish lasts a week, making it my new autumn staple." Jemma Thompson, GTG graphic design and social media manager

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The conscious jewellery : Mejuri Diamond Letter Pendant, £190

"I aspire to be one of those people who has it so together they have staple jewellery they wear forever, that’s a thing right? This newly discovered brand Mejuri appealed to my magpie nature with this super sparkly diamond letter pendant. Made in 14k solid gold, the pieces have a beautiful, subtle hue, set with conflict-free and socially responsible diamonds only." CF

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The breakout-clearer:  Youth To The People Superclay Purify and Clear Power Mask, £31

"I normally avoid clay mask s because I find them quite drying (although the trick is to not actually let them set, according to skincare expert Marie Gallinee), but I was tempted into trying this one as I know Youth To The People is one of the brands skinfluencer Hyram  rates and I trust his recommendations. I saw other skin experts chatting about it on Instagram too, saying how it brought their breakouts to the surface (better out than in!) so I gave it a whirl. The same happened to me; a couple of days after applying the cooling mask onto my skin, three little spots appeared on my chin. So it was definitely doing its job to clear, albeit making a bit of a mess before the cleaning began!

"Even when I let the clay dry, it didn't tug or feel tight or crumbly, and it rinsed off creamily too. Ingredients wise it has volcanic, white and French clean clay for the purifying, as well as niacinamide and BHA, for a powerful, clearing combination. A little goes a long way and you only need a light layer, so I can see this small pot lasting many months, making it good value." MM

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The luxe body buy:  Emma Hardie Luxury Body Butter , £38

"It was a tough call deciding which of Emma Hardie’s new three-piece Amazing Body Collection to choose. They are all so sumptuous with a spa-like scent that’s relaxing and luxurious and the textures are incredible - made with the same nourishing silky texture and high performing oils that the Emma Hardie facial collection is known for. (On that tip,  Emma Hardy Midas Touch Super Serum , £58, is my favourite hydration booster for thirsty skin).

"In the end I went for the Morninga Luxury Body Butter in its beautiful green glass bottle. It’s a perfect mix of light oils and hyaluronic acid for my dry skin and absorbs without greasiness. The new Moringa Luxury Bath and Shower Oil and the Hand & Nail Treatments SPF 30, are well worth the treat too. You can try them all in this  Moringa Luxury Hand and Body Set , £30, and then go back for the full-size one you love the most. " VW

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The body-smoother: Anatome Rejuvenating Body Scrub, £38

"When I use a body scrub I like to feel it working, with big grains to really work at dry, dull skin. This Himalayn scrub from Anatome definitely falls into the category. I apply a lot of pressure when rubbing this in and felt a satisfying tingle on my arms and legs after going at them. Scent wise it's an invigorating fragrance with lemongrass, ginger and orange making sure I'm wide awake when I use it in the morning. It leaves a nourishing feel on my skin after I've washed away the crystals and when I apply body cream afterwards it seems to sink in much better. It's a new staple for me, so it's lucky it's such a generously sized pot!" MM

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The autumn-update fragrance: Tom Daxon Riven Oak Eau de Parfum, £155

"Tom Daxon is a British brand which produces its highly fragranced perfumes at a family-run perfumery in France. This new Riven Oak scent is a blend of smooth, woody notes, which makes for a powerful signature scent. Refined with rum, amber and vetiver base notes, this scent lasts all day and is (as all Tom Daxon scents are) suitable for both men and women. If you’re limited on bathroom space then this is the perfect scent to share." CF

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The long-awaited eyeshadow palette: Glossier Monochrome Palette in Mesa, £19

"When I saw Glossier had released its first collection of eyeshadow palettes, I was keen to try. They come in ten shades, from subtle nude to pretty rose, with each palette housing three different finishes; matte, satin and metallic. I chose burnt orange Mesa, which fulfils my autumnal eyeshadow needs. It reminds me of the Morphe 35O Palette  that was a viral hit a few years ago in terms of shades. The colour pay off of the satin and metallic formulas are my favourite; the fact they are buildable makes them so much more versatile.

"The palettes are easy for anyone to use, eyeshadow skills or not because they're so easy to blend and build. Plus only having three shades to choose from gets rid of that daunting process of picking between endless hues. On the eco side of things, I love that these are refillable and the tins are reusable. I’m hesitant to mention Christmas so early in the season, but these would make for a great stocking filler." AR

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The updated icon: Givenchy L'interdit Rouge, £64.15

"Givenchy's original L'interdit fragrance has always been one of my favourites, but this new edition takes it to the next level. It's a much deeper, warmer scent that's ideal for autumn and winter, with a nice balance of woody, floral notes and a hint of spice. It's sensual and sexy, but it also transitions well from day to night without being too over-the-top during the day. What I like best about it is how it wears. For starters, it's very long-lasting; I never have to reapply it, it's gentle on the skin (and clothes), and it leaves a seductive musky scent (in a good way!) that is just so captivating." JT

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The luxury foundation:  Sisley Phyto Teint Nude, £68

"Oh dear, I have developed a £68 foundation habit. But it’s not just any old base - this is one that looks like my own skin after a really restful holiday, abstemious living and a jaunt back in time about 15 years - glowing, plump and healthy. As it’s Sisley, this is makeup with skincare benefits, in this case, lots of moisture-locking ingredients. One of the main reasons that foundation can look flaky and patchy is the condition of the skin underneath, as makeup artist Florrie White told me at the launch a couple of weeks ago. Well-hydrated skin means that foundation sinks in rather than sitting on top of your skin making it look instantly more natural. I love the watery texture that allows for light skin tint coverage or for extra layering and the light-catching glow that my lived-in skin really needs." VW

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The uplifting bath oil: Susanne Kaufmann Mountain Pine Bath Oil, £53

"Could I be more in love with baths? If possible I have a daily double dip which is delicious and decadent but I am aware of the eco concern so one a day will have to do going forward. However, I am always on the lookout for the highest sensory experience available, by which I mean a scent that helps me escape the daily activity drains, something that uplifts instantly. I look no further this week than one inspired by the Austrian Alps. Susanne Kaufmann is the Queen of the naturally beautiful and she has used pine and spruce needle oils to give a soothing bath with the two-fold invigorating benefits of muscle tension relief and deep hydration. It’s a keeper." Jane Druker, GTG contributor

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The liquid eyeshadow: Pixi EyeLift Max in Amethyst, £12

"The pretty, muted lilac of this crease-proof liquid eyeshadow reminds me of the colour Princess Jasmine wears in Aladdin and it definitely has a hint of Disney magic to it, creating an opaque veil of colour that’s as easy to apply as it is to wear. As well as looking pretty, it has mango seed butter, avocado and rosehip to make it ultra-comfortable and depuffing too. If purple isn’t your thing, it also comes in neutral bronze and a pretty sunset pink shade." Melanie Macleod, GTG digital writer

The line-plumping eye cream: Allies of Skin Peptides and Omegas Firming Eye Cream, £72

"It’s taken three years and 37 reformulations to create Allies of Skin’s Peptides and Omegas Firming Eye Cream. Along the same lines, it’s taken me five years to find an eye cream that works for me. My search is finally over now that this is in my life. The first thing I noticed about this high performance formula powered by peptides is that after an early morning application my fine lines are still plump and glowing by lunchtime. It’s a sophisticated science-backed eye cream that contains bakuchiol (a plant-based alternative to retinol), vitamin C and omega-rich oils to brighten, depuff and decrease under-eye wrinkles, crow’s feet and the lines between eyebrows known in the beauty business as the 11s. The clever formula also tackles puffiness and dark circles.  My eyes on a Monday after a hectic weekend with some late nights look like they’ve had eight hours of unbroken sleep." Ophelia Froud, GTG contributor

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The high-end oral care: vVardis Whitening Collection, £157

"There’s some new oral care in the market, not something I’m usually the first to test out but these were so chic I couldn’t resisit. The vVardis Collection brings together everything you need for a complete revitalising ritual that claims to strengthens, repairs, whitens and protects your teeth for a long-lasting, healthy smile. You get four signature products in a super sleek box; Aletsch Instant Healthy Whitening Gel (£118), Weissbad Revitalising Mouthwash £20, Rheinholz Wooden Toothbrush (£15) and Edelweiss Whitening Toothpaste (£23). So while the £150 may seem a little steeper than normal it’s well worth it!" CF

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The daily ritual: Keys Soulcare Renewing Body and Hand Wash, £24

"This hand and body wash from Alicia Keys’ self-care, soul-nurturing beauty and wellness line Keys Soulcare  has become my daily ritual. It’s ultra calming, thanks to the light comforting scents of sage and oat milk which invite your senses to relax (it’s like a warm hug!). It feels good on my skin too and it never strips my natural moisture. Instead it just adds a whole lotta hydration thanks to a nourishing blend of manuka honey, shea and cocoa butter. If you’re looking for a daily wash that’s long-lasting, lingers all day long and is a real self-care moment, this is it." JT

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The face oil capsules:  Elemis Limited Edition Supersize Skin Bliss Capsules, £99

"Housed inside this pretty pink rose-print tub is a two-month supply of Elemis' day and nice facial oil capsules. Pink for morning and green for evening, they nourish and soften the skin and are perfectly sized for the amount you need each day (and night). The limited edition pot was designed in honour of Breast Cancer Now, and £10 from every pot purchased goes to the charity." MM

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The overnight hair saviour:  Joico Defy Damage Sleepover Overnight Nourishing Treatment, £20

"The ends of my hair have been looking frustrating straggly over the past few months. Nothing seemed to be working from hair masks  to a heat ban. Ready to admit defeat, and thoroughly contemplating a big chop, I tried this. Although it’s not an overnight miracle worker I have seen a U-turn in terms of hair health; fewer split ends and my hair is returning to its usual robust strength. I apply a little to my ends (can be dry or damp) at night and come morning my locks feel softer and shinier thanks to a combo of protective lipids, moringa seed oil and arginine which help release keratin for the ultimate hair repair." JT

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The blissful cleansing balm:  Alpha H Melting Moments, £34.95

"Alpha H is best known for the cult exfoliator Liquid Gold, but I predict this cleansing blam is going to become just an iconic. The hero ingredient is Australian wild orange extract, rich in amino acids to help maintain the skin's hydration. Grapeseed oil and Australian sandalwood seed oil are in the mix too, known for their anti-inflammatory powers. Not forgetting bisabolol which works deeply to hydrate the skin, calming it and keeping redness at bay. It erases makeup in a flash and leaves the skin feeling hydrated and bouncy. I know I'll keep coming back to this!" MM

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