This incredibly clever formula smells divine and makes skin look fresh as a rosebud. But with a price tag of £250, it might prick your conscience

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Here at GTG it will be our job to try a lot of skin creams (I know, miserable task, but someone’s got to do it), and as beauty editors hundreds land on our desks throughout the year. However, of those hundreds probably only a handful have the wow factor.
Lancôme’s Absolue L’Extrait goes to the top of my beauty list. Lancôme’s boffins in white lab coats have been working on the use of stem cells in beauty since 1988, and have discovered that the cells of particular rose plants have the ability, when placed in the right fluid to regenerate themselves at an extraordinary rate. When used on skin, tests showed an ability to increase our cell production by up to 60 per cent.
Now, I have been using this beautiful rose-scented, petal pink potion on my skin for about three weeks, and my skin looks smoother, more radiant, and positively glowier as a result, so I am now it’s biggest fan.
The biggest drawback is that Absolue L’Extrait costs a whopping £250 which equates to about three weeks of food shopping for most families. Do the children live on bread and water for a month or do you get good skin? That’s for you to decide...

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