Corrie chic seems to be sweeping the nation after Coleen Rooney and even Catherine Zeta-Jones are papped with their hair in rollers. Could Hilda Ogden really be a style icon, asks Sarah Vine

Of all the unlikely style icons Hilda Ogden is perhaps the unlikeliest. Going about your daily chores with head full of plastic loo-roll holders is hardly the most glamorous of looks... or is it? More and more, celebrities and civilians alike are being spotted sporting the modern pre-event rollergirl look: yoga pants, Uggs, full face of make-up - and Velcro hair rollers.

It’s one of those trends that owes much to the more-is-more WAG culture. Katie Price was a pioneer, of course, flitting around LA in the things a few years ago when she was trying to make it big in the States. Coleen Rooney likes a bit of roller action; even Catherine Zeta-Jones has been papped in them.

Lately, though, the craze has been spreading. In the supermarket, sipping coffee in the street, enjoying a quick pre-dinner drink: rollers are the hot girl about town’s newest accessory. It’s all part of a general I’m-so-fabulous-I-don’t-have-to-hide-my-grooming attitude. Rollers: they’re the new manipedi.