The party season is the perfect excuse for trying out a new 'do, writes Ayesha Muttucumaru - we ask the hair gurus for their top tips for tip-top tresses

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Do you always roll out the same old hair look for your Christmas party? Don't fret, you shall go to the ball with the best mane in town because we’ve asked some of the industry’s top hair maestros for some festive inspiration. Just remember to pack your mistletoe...

Rule 1: Go for a matte up-do

By Celebrity Hairdresser, George Northwood of the Josh Wood Atelier

1. “It’s all about prep and getting the right texture in the hair first. Redken Quick Tease, £15.15, (see  to find your nearest stockist) is like backcombing in a can. Spray the product through dry hair, with particular emphasis on the roots to give it a matte texture and plenty of lift
2. For an up-do, the hair needs plenty of grip and hold. Apply Redken Powder Grip, £13.10, throughout the lengths of the hair, which has a rough, grit-like texture. It removes shine and mattifies to sculpt hair into place really easily
3. Create a deep side parting for a chic look
4. Hold hair at the nape of the neck and divide into two sections. Fold one over the other and through the hole (like a shoelace), make sure it’s tight and then and do the same again to create a double knot
5. Use the excess hair to go around the knots and then secure with pins that are the same colour as your hair
6. For the finishing touch, use a colourful accessory or earring to secure the style. Perfect for this time of year.”

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Rule 2: Modernise a half-up half-down look

By John Vial, Creative Director of Fudge haircare

“You need to be careful that this style doesn't look too mumsy and insipid. Often it can look like it’s been done half-heartedly. Try to look at it in a modern way by introducing dual texture into the style.”

1. Separate the hair into three sections running from the forehead to the nape of the neck
2. Spray the middle section with Fudge Textures Aerosol Rock Spray, £11.95, ( ) to create a matte texture and then crimp it so that it’s like a Mohican
3. Spray the outer two sections with Fudge Head Shine, £10.45 and Fudge Dry Conditioner, £9.45 so that they are as glossy and healthy-looking as possible
4. Next, part the hair into two sections. How you part the hair is essential. People usually separate the hair from ear to ear at the top of the head which can make it look old-fashioned. The best way is to part the hair from the top of one ear to the other and round the back of the hair like a party mask. It instantly changes the style and makes it more modern
5. Take the top section and pull back the side sections so that they’re against the sides of the head, and push the middle section up to create a quiff. Tie into a knot or pin in place. The sides are then clean and smart but the middle is modern and textured. A multi-dimensional take on the style.

Rule 3: Learn the art of accessorising

By A-list favourite, Adam Reed

1. “Adding accessories is a great way to give your party hair a boost. Don’t be scared to show off grips or pins and use them as accessories in their own right - it makes it a lot easier to do it yourself.

2. Try using other accessories like brooches or necklaces in the hair as this can add a totally new spin on the way that you wear it. You can also customise your own accessories; John Lewis ( ) do a great range of accessory bases in the haberdashery department - the options are endless and will allow you to create totally one-off accessories.”

Rule 4: Showcase your short crop

By Creative Director at John Frieda salons, Joel Goncalves

“Most people have their hair cut short as a statement but also for the convenience of not having to do as much to it. If you have short hair, party season is a perfect excuse to ramp up your styling, try more products and experiment with different shapes.

The slicked sophisticat

Using gel for a wet look is great - pull hair into a side parting and wear it clean with a great set of earrings.

The modern Marilyn

If it’s long enough you can use small heated rollers to create a bit of movement, it's very quick to do and very underrated. Put them in very randomly and leave in for three to ten minutes - the longer you leave them in, the tighter the movement. When you take them out use a wax on the palms – try John Frieda Sheer Blonde Spun Gold Shape and Shine Balm, £5.09, ( ) - run your hands through and break it up, style as you feel. Use kirby grips to control the shape and don’t be scared to experiment. It’s also great to use jewelled hair accessories and Alice bands, and at the moment, bows.”

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Rule 5: Go sleek and sophisticated

By hairstylist Neil Moodie for Bumble and bumble

1. “First put your hair into a low side parting around the temple area, then brush through to remove any tangles
2. Using a WAM Advanced Digital Straightening Iron, £120, ( ) smooth the hair out section by section spraying each with Bumble and bumble Does It All Styling Spray, from £11, ( ) before running the irons through. This acts as a heat protectant and will also help to smooth any waves out. Start smoothing hair out as close to the root as possible, and when reaching towards the ends of your hair, bend your wrist towards you to create a bevel. This will give the hair a more polished effect, and look more like a professional blow-dry rather than just straightened.
3. Next, using a flat bristle brush, slick the hair behind each ear. To give this look a unique sleek finish, take some Bumble and bumble Bb. Gel, £21.50, and smooth over the top layer of the hair using your fingertips or even a tint brush, applying from the front hair line to around the bottom of the ear. Do not apply any of the gel to the mid-lengths or ends.
4. Finally, take a comb and smooth the gelled hair into a slick, flat finish.
5. Gently dry the hair with a hairdryer on a low heat until it sets, and then brush the ends through with a flat bristle brush to make it look glossy.”

Rule 6: Learn some new party tricks

By A-list favourite, Adam Reed

1. “Trying a new look can be tempting for a big event, but steer away from anything that's too harsh and always keep hair a little softer. Braids are a quick way to create instant glam and can be done in a hurry at your desk.

2. Dry shampoo can be a lifesaver. Spray onto a brush and brush through the hair to instantly refresh a flagging style, while dry conditioner can give hair a party boost, adding shine and lustre to the hair.

3. A mini can of hairspray is great to slip into your party bag, or if you suffer from fly-aways add a bit of the mini Percy & Reed Quite Frankly Flawless Finishing Polish, £10 ( ) to smooth hair.”

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Rule 7: Go vintage shopping

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