Expert astrologer Jessica Adams brings us her top tips on how to avoid falling foul of the Mercury retrograde

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Mercury, the planet which rules communication, transportation, information and negotiation has been stuck in the long Mercury retrograde cycle since 14th September and we will all be affected by a chain of delays, scrapped plans and technical problems through 10th November 2014. When he is retrograde, Mercury moves backwards and forwards, and also gets stuck - at least from our perspective on earth. Life can become chaotic, even disastrous, unless you know the rules.

Mercury Retrograde is a long cycle, taking in what is known as the pre-shadow and post-shadow as well. Many astrologers still put out wrong information about this cycle, so please be aware: it runs for a lot longer than many websites are telling you. Here’s what not to do during Mercury retrograde - these are my top ten secrets for handling this infamous cycle. (And yes, The Titanic did sink on it).

1. Don’t sign any paperwork without reading the fine print as you need to be fully aware of what a change or cancellation might involve.

2. Don’t fly, take the train or cruise unless you have full travel insurance. Freak weather, strike action or even more serious problems can mean altered plans.

3. Be extremely careful with the media, should they enter your life at this time as you may be dealing with a con artist. Mercury rules journalists. When he’s retrograde, he’s slippery.

4. Get everything in writing if you can; this makes it harder for people or companies to pull out of a promise later on. Verbal promises or handshake agreements can easily come unstuck now.

5. This year Mercury will retrograde in Scorpio, the sign which rules the share market, foreign currency and the economy. Be very careful with expensive decisions unless you’re an expert.

6. Mercury is also retrograde in Libra, the sign which rules equal marriage. If you or someone you know is pursuing a gay, lesbian or transgender commitment, read the legal papers carefully.

7. This is a great time to review and rethink. Anything with a ‘re’ in front of it works quite well on this cycle, as long as you treat your decision-making process as a dress rehearsal throughout.

8. Don’t buy computers, phones, fax machines or sign up to a new ISP or phone company on this cycle. If Mercury retrograde happens to hit your personal horoscope you’ll have huge issues.

9. Allow more time in your day (and more space in your diary) for rescheduling. Set out earlier for the airport if you are flying. All kinds of things can hold you up on this cycle.

10. From 10th October onwards, you are going to see a replay or delay affecting something you thought was in the bag weeks before. Nothing is firm, fixed or final on Mercury Retrograde!

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