Wonder what it takes to make it to the top in the wellness industry? Annee de Mamiel is worldly, wise and so wonderful that her treatment waiting lists are closed

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Annee de Mamiel  is one of the world's best natural health experts - holistic healing runs through her veins. Once a top triathlete in her native Australia, Annee forged a career in finance and pharmaceuticals before her talent and aptitude for natural healing was unlocked after a period of illness. She's now fit, healthy and thriving, as is her de Mamiel brand. I find out how she discovered her talent for alternative therapy and ran with it.

You turned to natural healing solutions during a period of illness, why did you feel such an affinity for alternative therapies?

Through first-hand experience I really felt the incredible benefits of them, I was able to watch myself heal and grow.

When did you realise that you had such a talent for holistic healing?

I guess it was that things kept finding me. I almost feel like my path kept presenting itself, and then I just loved what I was doing and saw some incredible results and people just keep coming back which I believe is the real result.

You trained all over the world - do any particular adventures or formative experiences stick in your mind?

When I was in China doing my internship, I was able to witness the real power of acupuncture and Chinese medicine, as the doctors switched between Eastern and Western medicine and used what they thought would truly work in each individual case. The results, especially for things like stroke and facial paralysis patients, was incredible.

Why did you decide to set up your own business? Did you have a role model or any stellar advice along the way?

Because the way I treat is so unique and my waiting list just kept growing, starting de Mamiel was a way to get what I am doing out to more people; hopefully encouraging mindfulness in your beauty routine introduces the benefits of what can become a bigger part of people’s life. My treatment clients kept wanting to give what they were using to their friends and in the end, because of their belief, I felt the time was right. I have several mentors which is a real blessing - people I can just talk things through with and bounce ideas off to help me make sense of things!

Your Altitude Oil is a cult bestseller - what inspired you to create it and why do you think that it’s so popular?

It was one of those products created out of necessity.  My husband and I were flying so much and I was always coming off the plane and into a hotel room with a head feeling like mashed potato and a cough. I would always have lavender with me but felt I needed something stronger to really protect me so after researching the science behind the antibacterial qualities I came up with the blend. I really have to thank Julia Stringer from  Shen Beauty  in New York who encouraged me to sell it because after making some for her she couldn’t stop talking about what a difference it made and how much easier it made a flight.

Your bespoke treatments are sought after. How did you develop your signature way of working? Is there a particular issue or complaint that you see very often when giving treatments?

I think it comes down to looking at the whole picture. Each treatment is totally unique as it is always given at a different time of year, there are different things going on in the client’s life which make them look and feel differently about themselves, so I take all of these things into consideration as well as our long term wellness goal that we are working towards.

The true essence of what I do comes down to stress and how that ages us, and how we embody that stress so it’s more than what happens on that day or in that treatment - it’s a commitment to our wellness.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Knowing that I have helped to make a real difference in people’s lives and working together to achieve that difference.

Is there any aspect of your job that you find tough?

In running a business, when there is only you, it’s the urgency of getting things done – from the making and blending of products and treating as well as the pure business side of things - when every little bit needs something done yesterday!

How do you think that we can achieve more balance in our daily lives?

Breathe – just becoming aware of change within us and how we respond to situations! Take small steps often - make a plan that is do-able and constantly check in to make sure that you’re getting what you need out of life.

What words of wisdom would you give to aspiring alternative therapists or natural beauty experts (or businesswomen for that matter!)?

Find your dream, your belief, and follow it. Don’t give up as there is always a way.

How do you take care of your own wellbeing away from the day job?

I have a routine and really try to follow it – I have a clean diet, I meditate and do yoga as well as, whenever we can get out onto the water, some paddle-boarding, sailing or kitesurfing… simplicity on a daily basis!

Who are your top people in health, fitness and beauty?

I have a list of people who I refer.   Katie Light , Perry James,  Dominic Cheetham  and  Amelia Freer  are a few who believe in what they are doing.

Do you have a specific beauty regime?

My beauty routine begins with my life – breathing, eating, meditating but from the outside perspective. I really try to keep it simple - I cleanse, massage and use lots of oils because they balance me from the inside as well too. Sunscreen is essential too! I also try and get to see Anastasia Acheillos or Laura Jones regularly.

Finally, what’s next for de Mamiel? Is there anything in the pipeline that you’re really excited about?

This is a year of happenings, so stay tuned!