Life Coach Anna Percy-Davis shares her top tips with Ayesha Muttucumaru for turning that frown upside down this January

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The last party popper has been popped, the last present has been unwrapped and the Christmas tree is en route to the incinerator (shed tear accordingly). Also throw into the equation the miserable weather outside and the fact that it’s the first Monday back to work and you have a recipe for a downright horrendous case of the January blues. So what can you do to treat it?

We asked Life Coach Anna Percy-Davis  for her top tips for picking yourself up in the post-Christmas come-down. So no matter whether you’re broke, downbeat or just in a really bad mood, let these expert tips turn your outlook from stormy to rosy quicker than you can say ‘Blue Monday’.


“Make a plan: January is a month when we all feel the urge to make a plan for the year which is great but keep it simple. Sometimes we make such a long list of plans we get lost before we even get to the end of the month!”


“Chunk it: we also often decide to make BIG changes in our lives in January which is great but this can be overwhelming too so ‘chunk’ it, i.e. find ways to break down the BIG change into small manageable steps and make sure you celebrate every step you make.”

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“Stay on the balcony – keep hanging out with people who take you up to the balcony and show you the view (and who support and champion you). This is the moment to surround yourself with positive, supportive energy.”


“Keep others on the balcony – who can you support and champion? It is easy to spend January focusing on one's own woes: try looking outwards rather than inwards it is not only good for you but you can have a positive impact on others at the same time too.”


“Stop taking it all so seriously! How serious is your situation really? We are all guilty sometimes of taking things too seriously, so start planning a feel good event – your next holiday, a dinner with friends or even just a coffee with a good mate after all, in 10 years’ time, will you remember what it was that dragged you down in January 2014?!”