Feeling stressed? Meet ‘the gym membership for the mind’ guaranteed to bring an instant dose of calm amidst the chaos...

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Feel like throwing your iPhone/tablet/laptop out of the window right now? Should you be suffering from digital overload, fear not - we have just the thing to help repair your relationship with technology.

Say hello to Headspace, the modern way to help manage your mind and your stress levels too. Created by meditation and mindfulness expert, Andy Puddicombe , its aim is to provide a versatile set of tools that you can use anytime, anywhere with which to re-train your mind for a happier, mentally healthier life. Intrigued? Here are the facts you need to know.

What is it?

A boost for the brain and a dose of mindfulness for the mind, this PT for inner peace allows you to find some instant calm amidst the chaos, no matter where you are. Whether on your smartphone, tablet or computer, its collection of proven mindfulness and meditation practices have been created to help you recharge and relax in times of stress.

Containing hundreds of guided and unguided exercises ranging from 2 minutes to an hour, they fit into even the most hectic of schedules. Should you want to focus on a particular area, (such as health, performance or relationships), the guide’s Special Series collections have you covered, but more flexible one-offs and ‘singles’ are also available as well as more bite-sized numbers for times when you feel like you’re about to blow...

With features that allow you to track your progress, monitor your stats, work with friends for an added dose of motivation and receive bonus gifts as rewards if say, you meditate for several days in a row, it provides a bevy of brain-boosting tools to achieve both greater clarity and focus throughout the week.

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Who is it for?

Those feeling tense, anxious and over-stretched looking to make a change for the better in the short and long-term regarding the way they view and react to stress.

What’s the main message?

That no matter how busy you are, ‘me time’ for mindfulness can fit in.

What will I learn?

Essentially, how to be mindful and be better able to deal with stress no matter where you are - it gives the term ‘digital detox’ a whole new meaning.

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Any final takeaways?

Nowadays, there seems to be such an emphasis on our physical health, that we often neglect our mental health. However, with this ‘gym membership for the mind’ close to hand, it proves that with the proper advice, it is possible to train your mind (with time and patience) and lead a happier, more enjoyable life as a result.

Headspace £59.88 for 12 months.  Visit our e-guide marketplace here to download it straight to your computer, tablet or smartphone.

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