Emotional intelligence, a confidence boost and inner peace at the click of a button- The Life Class should really be on the curriculum

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Most of us hold onto self-esteem wilting beliefs or past negative experiences, whether due to childhood bullying, social media trolling or a as the result of a cutting remark made by a boss or parent, but how about if you could learn to let go of such happiness sapping episodes as they happen? That’s exactly the kind of tutorage that expert life coach and clinical hypnotherapist Jacqueline Hurst  offers in The Life Class, an online course designed to help you to understand yourself better, break down mental and behavioural barriers and improve your relationships and rapport with others, across the board. This a lesson you won’t want to bunk off from.

What is it?

A 6 module online course that you sign up to online and work through at your own pace. Each module takes between an hour and two hours to complete, and there’s also a bonus module available at no extra charge to expand your mind management knowledge. At £199 it’s not cheap, but you can pay in instalments to ease the financial investment.

Who is it for?

Anyone with a computer, a bit of spare cash and most importantly, a desire to establish healthy thought patterns and discover practical ways in which to deal with life’s ups and downs, whether they be past, present or future.

What’s the main message?

That there’s a solid foundation to attaining happiness and self-worth, and it’s achievable through learning, pushing the boundaries and putting new ways of thinking into practice. Also, liking (nay, loving) yourself is cool, as is mindfulness, self-awareness and enjoying your life.

What will I learn?

The clear, ‘bite size’ structure of The Life Class allows you to spend more time on topics that challenge you or that you’d like to focus on; there’s no one chastising you, hurrying you along or telling you what to do. You can log on when you like and strategically approach subjects such as fulfilling goals, understanding your feelings and interpreting those of others, analysing your justifications and getting to the root causes of issues that hold you back. From reconsidering your perceptions to seizing life’s opportunities and working towards a more positive, productive outlook, it’s all in here. FYI, pen and paper is essential.

Any final takeaways?

The uplifting, galivising effects of taking this course ripple far beyond the confines of your own head; according to Jacqueline you’ll notice relationships flourishing and connections strengthened as you go. Your baseline for approaching life, whether it’s throwing up challenges or not, will gradually become grounded, calm and empowered. That old ‘can do’ attitude that your headmistress banged on about still rings true, but detention and overzealous discipline has no place here. Self-love is where it’s at, even if you don’t have a ‘perfect’ life. Public service announcement: no one does, no matter what Instagram and the like may suggest.

The Life Class by Jacqueline Hurst, £199.  Visit our e-guide marketplace here to download it straight to your computer, tablet or smartphone.

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