Staying hydrated has never looked so good with our pick of the best reusable water bottles

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My current search history reads like I have a dreaded fear of becoming dehydrated - ‘what is the best reusable water bottle?’, ‘what is the TikTok reusable water bottle called?’. Because water bottles (the reusable kind obvs, not the plastic variety) have become the hottest accessory for A-list celebs, supermodels, wellness gurus and us to to carry in the same way as you would swing a statement handbag on your arm. From Adele sipping from her beloved Stanley cup in the final episode of Carpool Karaoke to the Beckhams carrying their personalised Yeti cups aboard their luxury yacht, water bottles are big business. A $8.3 billion business in fact when last valued in 2022, a figure that has undoubtedly risen as Stanley cups were the Christmas present for tweens and teens with many stockists completely selling out of the hottest colours. Quelle nightmare.

I carry my (I’m embarrassed to type) faux 1.2l Stanley Quencher around with me as though a second can’t go by without my needing to drink icy cool water. One of the USPs for most of these water bottles – aside from the volume they can hold – is that the vacuum technology keeps liquids cold and sometimes hot (not all are designed for both temperatures) for hours, even days. 

I gifted my husband a genuine Stanley Go Quick Flip Water Bottle, £38.99 for his birthday for wild nights of staying hydrated. I also co-gifted another geniune Stanley Quencher, £45  and when I shared the price tag with my co-gifter she asked if I had lost my mind. The gift recipient loved it btw. When an electrician came to my house recently he noticed my water bottle, he showed me his Yeti 35oz Rambler, £42 ,a ten-minute water bottle conversation ensued. This is the world we’re living in.

Where has the reusable water bottle obsession come from?

TikTok has played a huge part. Some people say it goes back to 2017 when a cool US online gift guide called The Buy Guide recommended and started selling the Stanley Quencher cup and sales started creeping up. As soon as celebs were snapped with them and the most followed TikTokkers started declaring their allegiance to the brand they favoured, everyone else wanted to be part of the cool gang.

Ironically, nearly all the water bottle brands that are now being touted as cool have been around for a long time. Stanley has been creating insulated cups since 1913, Yeti has been around since 2006. Nearly all of them have their roots in outdoor pursuits, camping and hardcore hiking when people genuinely need hardy containers to keep liquids either as cool or hot as possible.

However, what the current water bottle obsession has done is make these established brands release more aesthetically pleasing shades, and more frequently, so that consumers want to continually add to their collection of bottles with the latest desirable hue. Case in point: a few weeks ago Stanley released a limited edition Valentine’s Day cup with Starbucks that was sold exclusively in Target stores in the US. People were camping outside to get their hands on it and there are videos of people stampeding through the stores to grab them. 

And because they have become such a cool status symbol, people want to be seen with their water bottles and cart them around everywhere with them. This has led to the phrase ‘emotional support water bottle’  to explain why people take their water bottles with them to the first day of a new job, watching tense sports games - you get the idea. The hashtag with the same name has had over 337 million views on TikTok with singer Niall Horan joining in and saying the one thing that has always been there for him is his water bottle (he favours the Hydro Flash 18oz Standard Mouth with Flex Cap, £32 btw).

Now the market is so saturated with different styles, it’s quite hard to know which one is the best to choose. So, I've done the hard work for you and pulled together an edit of the water bottles everyone is talking about - because lets not forget, that's what's critical here - so that you can decide which reusable water bottle brand you want to align yourself with. Happy drinking!

7 of the best reusable water bottles


Oh, this is the big boy and can fit in 1.2l of your preferred liquid. It comes with a straw or spout attachment and is hot and cold vacuum-insulated. It's made from 90 per cent recycled stainless steel and the tapered bottom means it will fit into car cup holders - remember, the key element of having a Stanley is taking it everywhere with you! You can now also buy accessories such as cute lids for the straws and even flexi snack bowls that fit around the top of the cup. It is dishwasher safe although very easy to clean in the sink. And there are at least 20+ colours to choose from with more being released all the time

Who should buy it?

This is the reusable water bottle brand that's all over TikTok. So, if you want to be one of the cool kids then you have found your water bottle tribe. It is one of the largest water bottles so if you're trying to up your hydration levels and like your drink to be cold all day long then it really does do what it says on the tin. Stanley also has the largest colour range so if you're trying to coordinate to a particular hue, then this is the brand to buy into. 

The other cult one: Yeti Rambler, from £41.95 


With a slightly smaller volume capacity - this one fits 738ml - this style of Yeti (there are lots) comes with a handy handle making it far easier to transport than the Quencher from Stanley. The slim design means it also fits in car cup holders and It has a built-in straw, is 100 per cent leak proof and puncture and rust-resistant. This style has a double vacuum but only works for cold drinks. It is dishwasher safe and comes in 23 colours.

Who should buy it?

If being like the Beckhams is important to you then a Yeti is for you! This style in particular only works for cold drinks making it great for warmer weather, travelling with, or if you're a firm cold drink drinker only. 

The one with the hidden straw: Owala Freesip Bottle, £28.20


A slightly smaller bottle - with a 680ml capacity, this is a bottle that's far easier to take out and about with you. It has two ‘ways’ of drinking from it - you can sip through the straw or tilt it back and gulp from the larger wide-mouth opening., It's triple insulated to keep drinks cold for up to 24 hours, made from stainless steel and comes in 13 colours. 

Who should buy it?

The protective lid keeps the spout safe from unwanted germs making it popular with healthcare workers. It doesn't have quite the same cool factor as other brands but if you're not bothered about jumping on bandwagons then this is a great option, but only if you like cold drinks as it can't be used with hot drinks.

The eco one: Ocean Bottle Go, £35



Made from 90 per cent recycled stainless steel and ocean bound collected plastic, this is a bottle with a purpose. Each bottle contains a smart chip allowing the owner to register the bottle to the app and further fund the collection of ocean-bound plastic (for free) each time a refill is registered. It can hold 500ml and comes with a straw or spout drinking mechanism and hot or cold vacuum thermos insulation. The compact size and easy carry loop makes it ideal for taking out and about with you and the lid can also be used as a mug with the carry strap doubling up as a handle. It is dishwasher safe and available in six colours.

Who should buy it?

If you are buying a reusable water bottle more for the environmental reasons behind it than the hype around it then this is the bottle for you. Ocean Bottle commits to collecting the equivalent of 1000 plastic bottles with every ocean bottle sold and since launching in 2019, they have prevented 9.8 million kilograms of ocean-bound plastic from reaching the ocean. 

The sexy one: BKR Spiked Tutu Bottle, £42  


Available in three sizes, this is the larger 1l size but still only weighs 2lbs when filled. The bottle itself is glass with a protective outer silicone sleeve which is only suitable for cold drinks. It is BPA-free, dishwasher safe (you have to take the sleeve off obvs) and comes with a screwtop lid. It is available in 11 colours and you can buy stickers to personalise your bottle

Who should buy it?

Very much a bottle for those who want to make a fashion statement. The brand itself is founded by two best friends who wanted to make drinking water a more enjoyable experience, hence the pretty water bottles. 

The celeb one: Hydro Flask, £32


Suitable for hot or cold drinks this can hold 511ml (but there are other sizes to choose from). It is scratch-proof, leak proof, dishwasher safe and comes in four colours.

Who should buy it?

Well, if you're a One Direction fan and want the same emotional support bottle as Niall Horan, this is for you. It's also a great option for anyone who's not that fussed about a huge range of colours to choose from and just wants a durable, hard-working bottle that's not going to spill everywhere.

The customisable one: Frank Green Ceramic Reusable Bottle, £44.99  


This Australian-made bottle is hot and cold vacuum insulated and the bottle design is fully customisable when you buy. The biggest flaw when the bottle launched was that it was too wide to fit in car cup holders. However, the brand has now released a cup holder adaptor so you can take it on drives with you. 

Who should buy it?

If you want a bottle that is unique to you, then this is your brand as you can custom design the whole thing. You start by choosing the type of lid:  push button, flip straw or regular straw. Then you choose the colours of the bottom half and the top half separately from 19  options. Finally, you can have the bottle monogrammed and adorned with the emojis of your choice.