Want to be happier at work? Climb the career ladder with these office mantras at hand

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New year, new start. So if you’re unhappy at work, now’s the perfect time to make some changes to both mind and skill set to give your prospects a boost in the right direction.

We asked Get The Gloss Expert  and career coach Anna Percy-Davis  for her top 10 job resolutions to keep work-related stress  to a minimum, to stand out from the crowd and make your strengths shine through. From managing deadlines to leadership and teamwork skills, with these positive mantras at hand, there’ll be nothing holding you back.

1. Front foot your colleagues

“Be nice to everyone around you - paying someone a compliment can make their day and make them much more open to helping you than if you are grumpy or disinterested towards them.”

2. Pace yourself

“Working in a hysterical, adrenaline-fuelled way will only age and exhaust you. Learn to slow down a little and pause every now and again - you will find you are more productive rather than less.”

3. Plan your day

“Make sure you begin and end every day with a plan - if you just spend a few minutes every day working out what you need to achieve, you won’t be flying off in every direction doing whatever comes up first and not necessarily getting to the stuff that is important, (and be very clear on what is important or you will never work out what it takes to get ahead in your career!)”

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4. Drink water and get some fresh air everyday

“Air conditioned/centrally heated offices are very dehydrating and without enough hydration your concentration will be non-existent.  Fresh air is important too - no one can concentrate for eight hours a day without regular breaks and a bit of fresh air (and exercise if at all possible!)”

5. Be honest

“Never ever lie in the office. If you aren't going to hit a deadline, if you don't understand what is expected of you or if you haven't done something that was expected of you, be upfront about it. If you start lying to cover your tracks you will get caught and this will do nothing for your career...”

6. Ask for help when you need it

“If you are stuck, overwhelmed or just out of your depth, you need to ask for help - make sure you ask for help in a positive, constructive way and preferably with a solution in mind.  If you come across as needy and hopeless you won’t be doing your career any favours either...”

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7. Find the enjoyment

“You are at work for well over half your waking hours so make sure you are enjoying it. If you are utterly miserable you are unlikely to be flourishing in your career, so you need to find the enjoyment or make a change.”

8. Work on your team skills

“To get ahead in most jobs you need to demonstrate both leadership skills and team skills, so you need to be generous with your time, supportive, encouraging, empathetic and upbeat - difficult skills to cultivate if your office is very competitive, but not impossible if you are confident and assertive.”

9. Help others when they are floundering

“Notice when others need your help - the more you help them, the more they are likely to help you.”

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10. Keep perspective

“Is it really a life or death situation? Find the humour and ENJOY your daily working life - at the end of the day if you can't have fun at work that makes for a very long day every day five days a week!”

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