The latest weight loss trend is apparently to wear a tight corset for several hours a day. We can't think of anything worse, writes Judy Johnson

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Would you make yourself so uncomfortable that it's hard to breathe every day just to lose a bit of weight?

Well, according to the headlines that's the latest weight loss trend over in the States - wearing a super tight corset to 'train your waist to be smaller'.

Those in pursuit of a smaller waistline are wearing corsets for several hours a day because it is said to 'move the ribs' (erm, ouch) and leave you so uncomfortable that you'll naturally eat less. You're even likely to sweat more because of the additional layer and pressure - which is supposed to help shift even more pounds.

What we're most shocked by is that a Beverly Hills based doctor, Dr Alexander Sinclair, is endorsing the method - claiming that many of his patients have had positive results. Surely, a medical practitioner should be helping his patients to reach a suitable weight via healthier methods - a better diet, a good exercise regime perhaps?

Much as we'd love to have a waist as slim and toned as Jessica Alba, who's said to be a fan, there's no way you'd find us adding a torturous piece of clothing to our wardrobes to do it - even if we do love the look of them in Downton Abbey.

We can't think of anything worse than having our bodies restricted in this way every day; especially when you recall the evidence that in the 16th and 17th centuries when they were traditionally worn, they were so tight that some women's internal organs were rearranged as a result.

We don't want to mess up what's inside just to look good on the outside. The corset diet is taking the 'no pain no gain' mantra too far; we'll stick to this century's 'strong is the new skinny' motto instead.

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