London brand Daye’s tampons are infused with CBD to deliver soothing relief right to the source of your discomfort

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When it comes to period pain relief we’ve tried it all, from  patches  to paracetamol, but it turns out the answer to our womb-based woes could actually lie with tampons. London gynae health company  Daye , which was launched in 2018 by Valentina Milanova, changed the period care game with the launch of their CBD-infused tampons, which take period pain down a notch thanks to 100 mg of 30% concentrate CBD infused into each tampon.

You may have already embraced CBD into your  skincare  routine, your  bath  and your supplements, for its soothing properties and ability to take down  inflammation , but until you embrace it in your tampons, you’re missing a trick. The vaginal canal has the highest concentration of cannabinoid receptors (second only to the brain), making it the best place to absorb CBD into the body, so it can get to work tackling pain and inflammation.

There’s more to Daye than their genius inclusion of CBD in tampons though. Daye tampons have a permeable, protective cotton sleeve that wraps around the body of the tampon to eliminate the risk of tampon fibre loss, a common issue with tampons. Most tampons shed fibres during wear which creates a breeding ground for bad bacteria, putting the wearer at risk of  thrush  and  bacterial vaginosis . The Daye tampons are made from 100% certified organic, unbleached cotton fibres – grown without pesticides or herbicides.

What your tampon is made of might not seem the most exciting element of period care, but it's far more important than many of us realise. Tampons are not classified as medical devices in Europe, which means there are currently no mandatory manufacturing guidelines in the tampon industry. In fact, plasters have more stringent manufacturing guidelines and regulatory compliance standards than tampons (which go inside the most absorbent part of your body every month). That’s why Daye produces its tampons in pharmaceutical-grade cleanrooms, sanitising them with gamma-ray sterilisation (commonly used with medical tools) to eliminate any microbial contamination and reduce the risk of vaginal infections, such as  TSS . Daye tampons are also batch-tested for pesticides, dioxins, heavy-metals, CBD content (to ensure it’s 30%), and THC content (to ensure it’s 0% – THC is the element of cannabis that has the psychoactive effect).

Daye has also been ultra-environmentally considerate when it comes to their tampons and packaging. The applicators are made of renewably sourced biodegradable sugar cane, wrapped in water-soluble paper wrappers and their leaflets are printed on recycled paper with bio-inks.

Daye tampons are purchased via personalised subscription; you can buy 12 or 18 tampons at a time (between 46 and 88 pence per tampon) and you choose the absorbency you want (super or regular). You can select CBD tampons or ‘Naked tampons' (without CBD). CBD tampons are designed to be used when your cramps are at their worst, while the Naked ones are for the other days of your period. You select what to add to your order based on your flow and cramps, select how often you’d like to receive your box and voila, tampons delivered to your door. The boxes start from £6.

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Written in partnership with Daye