Executive Life Coach Anna Percy-Davis gives us the top tips we need to make clearer choices this 2015

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Are you a serial dilly dallier who spends as much time fretting over a coffee purchase as you do over a new job offer? Then you’ll want to read on.

While an inability to be conclusive can often be interlinked with certain personality traits, it doesn’t mean we can’t train our brains to be a little more upfront and upbeat when having the chance to make a choice, no matter how trivial or serious it may be. Now that we’re well on our way to making some  #StartBetter  changes this 2015, we’ve decided it’s time to grab the bull by the horns and put our procrastinating problems behind us.

So, we reached out to Executive and Life Coach  Anna Percy-Davis  to get her top five tips on how to cut out the nonsense and get straight down to some decision making business.

1. Be clear

Be clear with regards to what you are making a decision about - sometimes we end up dithering because we’re not entirely sure as to what or why we are making a decision. So, simplify the facts and be very clear as to what you are deciding about and things should run more smoothly.

2. Have confidence

Believe in yourself and that you are enough. If you can manage to do this it will be easier for you to be brave and to take more risks because you’ll be less afraid of a negative outcome.  This is always easier said than done, but just try to picture yourself from the perspective of you at your most confident. The more you visualize it, the clearer and more familiar the image will become.

3. Be wary

Be careful of enlisting the help of others - getting too much input can muddle you and make it even more difficult to be decisive. If you really do feel you need the extra help then ask only one or two people who you can trust and whose opinion you really rate.

4. Be proactive

Be aware that something will happen whether you actively choose it or not - by not making a decision you will in fact still be deciding your fate through default. However, by not not making it yourself,  you lose control of a situation. Ultimately, this may leave you feeling indecisive and with the feeling that you have lost out on an opportunity - so take control!

5. Gain some perspective

Don't take it all too seriously - is it really a life or death decision? Will this decision change your future? Will you even remember this decision in a year or even a months time? If not then don't spend a disproportionate amount of time worrying about it.

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