Dr. Lustig’s 'Fat Chance' reveals the many lows of our sweetest food high

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With busy schedules and hectic days, it’s no surprise our plates are often more jam-packed with unhealthy ingredients than our diares are with dates. Enter Dr. Robert Lustig with his myth-busting marvel Fat Chance: The Hidden Truth about Sugar, Obesity and Disease, the book that’s set to revolutionise the way we see sugar for the rest of our dieting days.

A ‘who’s who’ (or rather, what’s what) of sugar, Fat Chance dishes the dirt on the various ways in which sugar is disguised in our foods - from Glucose and Corn syrup to Galactose and Maltodextrin - if it’s sugar, Dr. Lustig will name and shame. The book also contains a handy guide on how to avoid these hidden sugars, a ‘real versus processed’ shopping list and a section on how to survive a restaurant.

Covering everything from food addiction to the science behind a fat cell, Fat Chance is a comprehensive fact file on all the hidden secrets of sugar. As well as dishing the dirt on our favourite (or ex-favourite) sweet treat, Dr. Lustig also gives us the low-down on some of our best-known and most popular diets, never straying far from his mantra that real food is inherently good food, and that processing makes food bad. Whether you’re looking to shed a few extra pounds or after a complete body-overhaul, Fat Chance is a must-read for sugar junkies and sceptics alike.

Fat Chance: The Hidden Truth about Sugar, Obesity and Disease (Fourth Estate) by Dr. Robert Lustig, £8.99, available to  buy online