Got a dilemma, concern or relationship difficulty? Psychologist Elaine Slater wants to hear all about it…

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As a psychologist, psychotherapeutic counsellor, committed Buddhist and former model, Elaine Slater  doesn’t exactly fit with the conventional notion of an ‘agony aunt’. There will be no chaise longues, horn rimmed glasses or patronising tones here (thankfully); instead Elaine will be taking the ‘agony aunt’ format into the future by way of her new Elaine Explains column, offering sensitive, insightful and personal support and guidance in response to your questions and predicaments.

Registered with the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy and a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, Elaine runs a private practice with consulting rooms in London’s Marylebone. In addition to her own clinic, Elaine is Consultant Therapist for The Priory Hospital  and a member of the Medical Team working at Grace Belgravia alongside Dr Tim Evans, Apothecary to the Queen. That’s not mentioning the fact that she’s also Resident Psychologist for The British Fashion Council at London Fashion Week. If you’re busy, Elaine can relate.

Elaine has an integrative therapeutic approach in her clinical practice, treating a range of well being problems, mental health issues and psychiatric disorders. She tailors her therapy to suit each individual, dealing with issues such as stress, anxiety, depression, exhaustion, burnout, disrupted sleep, emotional eating, distorted body image, low self-esteem and relationship difficulties.

Her expertise in the clinical field of psychology is complimented by her Buddhist philosophy, by which she appreciates each individual as creative, resourceful and whole. A practitioner of transcendental meditation and kundalini yoga, in her clinical work she draws upon the techniques of meditation, diaphragmatic breath work, interpersonal neurobiology, guided imagery, coaching, neuro linguistic programming and mindfulness. In short, she calls on her many skillsets and huge scope of knowledge to address everything from anxiety to family issues with compassion and understanding.

If feel that you could benefit from a healthy dose of non-judgmental advice in response to a particular problem, email Elaine at . Elaine will then answer two reader questions anonymously on site every month, with her first Elaine Explains column being published at the end of July. Get sending in your questions, and don’t forget to follow Elaine’s column on Instagram @elaineexplains .

Reader questions may be edited for length. We regret that Elaine cannot reply to reader queries personally.

To find out more about Elaine, or book an appointment with her, visit her website  here