Finding it hard to stay on the wellness wagon when life gets busy? These are the quick wellness wins that supermodel and entrepreneur Elle Macpherson wants you to know about

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In the past ten or so years, as wellness has taken a leading role in my life, I’ve managed to establish a rhythm to my practices. These have become second nature. So although I am busy and often attending to all manner of tasks – meetings, flights, photoshoots and events in a single day – I can enjoy what I do because my wellness is taken care of first and foremost. It means I can unwind properly and swiftly, knowing I have the systems in place to take care of my wellness.

I prefer to thrive than just survive life’s challenges, so I keep my spiritual ‘thrival’ kit of sorts handy. This kit can help with sleepless nights, focus, fatigue and lack of inspiration. I save time with these practices because they create the mental space necessary to recentre and focus on what matters.

Want to get wellness into a busy life? Here are my time-saving, quick-fix wellness wins.

Take the (cold) plunge – or just splash your face

Feeling anxious and need to get in the zone before a meeting? Splash some cold water on your face and pulse points, do a quick cold plunge or – should you happen to be near one – an ocean dip. Something as simple as splashing water on your face induces what’s called a ‘diving reflex’ or ‘cold shock response’, which is healing for your vagus nerve.

Or take a few sips of water – this helps with mindfulness, as a moment of pause, while activating the parasympathetic nervous system.

Walk barefoot

Grounding improves mood, eases stress and anxiety and improves sleep quality. When I’m travelling, the first thing I like to do upon arrival at my destination is find a park or a beach to walk barefoot or sit under a tree for half an hour.

Keep a foot roller under your desk

On the subject of grounding, try a wooden foot roller such as Theraflex Reflexology Roller for some indoor foot stimulation. I like to use mine under my desk.

Only time for one yoga pose? Try this one

Another favourite of mine is the legs-up-the-wall pose. This can be done anywhere, any time and it activates the parasympathetic nervous system, is helps lymphatic drainage, boosts the immune system and relieves muscles.

Take a breath break

Breathwork and meditation are also in my kit. When I have something to do that requires focus, I’ll stop, and breathe (box breathing or kriya breathing - a type of controlled breathing that harmonizes the body, mind and emotions) listen. Then, once I’m coming from a place of calm, I’ll choose what action to take on it then do it.

Make a song and dance

Another quick, state-altering, time-saving practice that works for me is singing and dancing. I often have music playing in the house, so I’ll be inspired by whatever is featuring on my playlist, turn it up and go for it! It could be the Beatles, it could be Blues.

10 minutes on a rebounder

I use my Plunge Rebounder as a quick, effective way to squeeze in a workout. A NASA study from the 1980s found ten minutes on a rebounder to be equivalent to 30 minutes running! That, and the fact it’s helpful for bone density, the pelvic floor and phenomenal for the lymphatic system makes a rebounder hard to beat when it comes to time efficiency.

5-minute manifesting before bed

When winding down of an evening, a surefire way to fall to sleep (and cultivate your very best next day) is to use the last five minutes wisely. The five minutes before sleep fuel your subconscious and dream state so I make sure I visualize what I want for myself - the highest, most vibrant, joy-filled, fulfilling experiences - and for the highest good for all.

I’m extremely disciplined so I won’t allow fears, worries or problem-solving to interrupt this precious time. This helps me drift into a restful and regenerative supportive sleep. And as all mothers know, a proper sleep is the best time-saver on earth!

Avoid grabbing your phone the moment you wake up

The same applies for the morning after. The next day, in those quiet first five minutes after waking, I send love and inspiration to all beings, myself included, hands on heart and smiling. I also find waiting for as long as possible to reach for my phone helps me wake up purposefully and begin the things that are a priority for me. This saves time as I’m not distracted by work or other interruptions before I’m ready to address them.

A silk head scarf saves on hair styling time

I’m partial to a silk head scarf tied ‘60s-style. I’ll fold it diagonally and then hold the folded end of the scarf against my forehead and position the longest edge along my hairline. The pointed end of the triangle will then be at the back and I’ll then simply tie it, leaving it hanging or tucking it in. There aren’t many occasions you can’t get away with a silk headscarf and it’s just so easy!

A minimal morning skincare regimen

I typically like my skin makeup-free and glossy with a beautiful healing oil such as Sapienic Prime Serum, £56 I’ll also spritz some Dr Sturm Hyaluronic Face Mist, £80, over the top and I’m good to go.  After all these years in the industry (five decades, but who’s counting?) I can resolutely say that simplicity wins every time. Easy, fewer chemicals and it’s the only real way for the world to see the real you!

Sunday is for meal prep

Meals (and having the time to prep them) is, for me, one of the most important parts of life. I use Sundays to prep for the week. Soups, plant milks (I love my milk maker for almond and walnut milk) fruit and veg (washed in Veggi Wash and cut in portions), salad dressings, soaked nuts and seeds (to help enzymes be more bioavailable and digestible) is a great way of saving time during the week to come. I also love to make grain-free bread or veggie pies pre-cut so I can heat, grab and go.

My quick, healthy snacks and smoothies

Having The Super Elixir™ and Nourishing Protein well stocked in my pantry is also a big biotweak for me. I add them to my favourite quick recipes, like my Raw Ginger Brownies and my Chia Puddings (below) And I’m always big on my smoothies for time-saving.

Keep snacks in your bag

In my handbag, I’ll often keep my Super Elixir™ greens (in one of our Hydrator Bottles), nuts and some fruit or veg I’ve prepped on Sunday. This ensures I get my nutrients in while on the road but it also sustains my energy, focus and mood.

Get organised the night before

I think a big part of being at peace in life is being organised. I’m a big believer in preparing the night before any event, much like I used to do with my boys. We used to have baskets at the end of their beds full of their school and sports clothes so they could be easily accessed in the morning.

So if I’m working the next day, I’ll assemble my outfit – jewellery, a bag, shoes and underwear included – the night before to ensure it’s clean, pressed ready to go. Same goes for bags and lunches – doing this the night before is essential for a smooth morning.

Keep track and set water reminders

I like to track my consistency on our WelleCo app, Welle Tracked because keeping track of small wins has been proven to enhance motivation and overall wellbeing. Welle Tracked is a daily tracker that allows our WelleCommunity to track their greens and their state while monitoring their overall progress. It’s very handy! I also love to set reminders on my phone. I’ll often do them to ensure I drink sufficient water during the day. It helps the body and brain function optimally and assists with heart and skin health as well as weight management and detoxification.

Make a list

Notes and lists are also essential for me. Especially for PINs and codes and anything to do with life admin. A to-do list is also wonderful for a dopamine boost although I like to ensure I am not just spending my days ticking boxes. I use my phone Notes or write by hand.

Tidy house, tidy mind

I also love labelling when it comes to cohesive living for everyday clothing, accessories and miscellanea. I like everything to have a place where possible. It also saves time and money not having to search or replace items. I’m also quite ruthless with decluttering, preferring to give things away wherever possible. 

I like to constantly review what I’m choosing to have in the house, giving away what is no longer in alignment. I find this makes major cleanouts more manageable. Generally, if something no longer fits or is to my taste, I’ll donate it or give it to a loved one. I might resole shoes or donate them, depending. I prefer to give to women’s shelters where possible. An organised life is one big edit!

But at the end of the day, laughter is key to any time-saving. It brings everything into perspective, so the rest just becomes a breeze! Music, singing, dancing! Bringing joy to all you do keeps the day in flow!