Stuck in a motivational rut? These 10 top tips from our favourite wellness wonders are just what the doctor ordered

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On how to reach your goals…

Terrence the Teacher , Clinical Hypnotherapist

“I have coined the saying ‘See it, Believe it and you will Achieve it.’ Be clear about your goal, imagine how succeeding would feel and take action towards achieving it.”

On how to eat better…

Libby Limon , Nutritional Therapist and Yoga Teacher

“Always eat regular balanced meals - don’t skip or skimp on the lean quality protein and healthy fats, and include lots of vegetables too.”

On how to get the best out of yourself…

Caroline Kremer , Breathing Expert and Founder of Just Breathe

“To endeavor being my 100 per cent self every day, I understand that my best is relative to circumstance. Having this knowledge enables me to be my best every day without putting undue pressure on myself. So, don’t beat yourself up if you’ve had a bad day, just decide if you’ve done your best under the circumstances you’ve been dealt - and just breathe!”

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On how to stay motivated…

Christina Howells , Personal Trainer

“Love what you choose - when you find an activity you enjoy, it becomes something you start to look forward to rather than a chore.”

On how to sleep better…

Dr Guy Meadows , Sleep Expert and creator of the The Sleep School App

“Making sleep a priority in your life is one of the easiest ways to improve your overall health and wellbeing. Spend at least eight hours in bed every night and keep your sleeping pattern regular.”

On how to be happier…

Avni Trivedi , Osteopath

“I use a short saying from my teacher Fritz Smith - ‘Today is today, and I am glad it’s today’. When you wake up feeling blue, repeating these words over and over enables a simple shift in mood to happen very quickly.”

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On how to deal with your problems…

Padma Coram , Life Coach

“Remember, you can always seize your own power. In every situation, ask yourself ‘What did I learn?’ Take the best and chuck the rest.”

On how to get your life on track…

Anna Percy-Davis , Executive and Life Coach

“Always hang out with the balcony people in your life - those who champion, affirm and show you the view - and avoid the basement people - those who exude negative energy and criticisms.”

On how to prevent negativity…

Jacqueline Hurst , Clinical Hypnotherapist and Life Coach

“Be aware of what you are thinking about. Write down your thoughts so you can see more clearly the advice you are giving yourself - would you say this to your best friend? Thoughts generate feelings, so keeping your thoughts in check is the key to changing how you feel.”

On how to de-stress…

Keah Lan , Pilates Instructor and Founder of Mobile Healing

“Come back to your breathing throughout the day. Take a moment - there is so much to let go of. Your mind will steady and stress will leave the body as you breathe.”