In the social media sea of corny quotes, there’s the occasional nugget of wisdom that hits home and makes a difference to your day. Here are a few quotes that are non-cringe and ring true…

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Whether whizzing through your Instagram feed first thing or having a sneaky scroll before bed, a quote or saying that makes you see the world in a different (positive) light can give you a lift, make you laugh and very often just generally deliver the kick up the bum that you needed, in a nice way, be it fitness motivation or work-life perspective. That said, there are many sickly quotes out there, and none of us have ambitions to become unicorns, mermaids or any other trendy type of mythical creature, if we're really honest with ourselves. Here are some real deal quotes to make you think, make your day better, or just, you know, make you get out of bed. Pin them, gram them, write them on a post-it...whatever works.

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Kindness is NEVER weakness. Ever.


"Luck" be a lady...


Reframe your workout- a sweat session isn't a penance for the weekend's prosecco. You can happily do both, emphasis on the happy.


Along the same lines as number three. Particularly pertinent for when, actually, making the gym is just too much.


More food for thought on the fitness front. Mind matters as much as matter.


Less beating yourself up, more reflecting on the wisdom you've gained.

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An important reminder in the much-filtered Instagram landscape...


There's a difference between burning out and bombing, and Banksy nails it.

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Nelson Mandela coined this one and we're inclined to trust him on this. (We're just ignoring the missing apostrophe, in the spirit of #6.)

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Sometimes we need to be prompted. Vital if you start feeling social media induced anxiety pangs, FOMO or as just that modern day sensation that your smartphone is becoming a fifth limb.


Because sometimes you need to seek stimulation elsewhere...

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