We asked 1,000 readers what they really think about their bodies, here's what they said...

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As many of you may already know, here at GTG HQ we recently launched Project Me  - our 24 week exercise and nutrition plan that's proven to better your diet, superboost fitness levels, strengthen, nourish and tone your body, and improve overall wellbeing for life.

As an expert-led health and beauty website, we created #ProjectMe in order to meet the fitness and wellness needs of women of all ages. Designed to be a guide that can be completed at home and with minimum expense, it’s the perfect plan to help slot into the busiest and most hectic of schedules.

Before getting started however, we wanted to find out exactly what modern women today really think about their bodies and the pressures they feel to look a certain way. So, to help give an insight into the health habits and body confidence levels of ladies everywhere, we created an infographic from our Body Confidence Survey, in which we asked 1,000 readers about the attitudes towards their physique.

Surprising, enlightening and of course hopeful, here’s what we found out.

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