Bin the bootcuts and try these high-fashion sports leggings for both working out and play

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In the old days, gym wear was black, often faded and worn to sweat in only. Today however, the choice of gym wear is so darn good, so darn sexy, and the fabrics so beautiful to touch, that you can wear them to Body Pump or Ten Pilates then add a pair of heels and slink on out to dinner afterwards.

When it comes to sportswear , the best investment you can make (after a good sports bra ) is a great pair of stylish leggings (if bootcuts still feature in your wardrobe, you need to start a bonfire in your garden and burn them at the stake immediately). They may be more expensive, but the new multi-tasking leggings hold in your stomach, cover your muffin top, enhance your bottom and make cellulite a thing of the past. Moreover they are more flattering for everyone than a pair of baggy joggers ever were.

Here are my favourite investment leggings that cross the line between your workout and your fashion wardrobe.

Hey Jo! Cassini Leggings in Liquorice

£145. Buy online

Totally beautiful, super soft but strong enough to hold it all in, these Lycra leggings have a mid-rise waist to keep tummies taut, and gold ankle and pocket zips that add a touch of almost Gucci-style glamour. They look equally good with Nike Frees or Rupert Sanderson stilettos, and  I have them in Liquorice (a deep purple) which are incredible (they are actually one of the favourite things I have in my wardrobe right now), but they come in about 13 other shades from cobalt blue to crimson and black.

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Lucas Hugh Shard Leggings

£225. Buy online

With geometric-shaped trimming that slices a good few centimetres off each thigh and an inner support panel to lift the rear, Lucas Hugh have become well known for their leggings with the wow factor. Just as at home at Barry’s Bootcamp as they are in a Soho bar, they also have a functional smartphone and key holder which means you don’t even need to grab your handbag for the transition.

Nike Strut Women’s Running Tights

£60. Buy online

A mum at my children’s school was wearing these for school drop off last week and I couldn’t resist stroking her legs! With a compression fit,  they not only compress the thighs but the stomach area too. The reflective areas of black make for a super slick addition to your workout wardrobe, but would look equally slinky with a pair of metallic high heels.

Above Susannah wears  Lija leggings  (left) and  Lucas Hugh leggings  (right)