Get fit from the comfort of your hotel room with the help of these travel-proof workout videos from the likes of Joe Wicks and Shona Vertue

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If you’ve got into a solid fitness routine in place, going away for a couple of weeks can throw things off a fair bit. This is especially the case if there isn’t a gym or if jet lag  has got in the way of a good night’s sleep. However, thanks to YouTube and Instagram, finding a workout that fits into your schedule and time zone has never been easier.

Some of the web’s biggest fitness stars are regularly uploading trip and hotel room-friendly routines to provide ample inspiration when you’re travelling. And to save you some suitcase space, they’re also equipment-free too. Masterclasses in how to workout in small spaces , all you need is a bottle of water and WIFI access.

From low to high impact, 6 to 30 minutes, these are the ones that we’ll be pressing play on this summer.

16-minute hotel HIIT workout from The Body Coach

Worried about disturbing your fellow holidaymakers downstairs? Then this low impact 16-minute workout is for you. Starring a barefoot Body Coach  to keep noise to a minimum, it comprises of two circuits of eight exercises (ranging from lunges to squats and mountain climbers), each made up of 40 seconds work and 20 seconds of rest. It’s challenging but effective and will definitely get your heart racing.

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12 lower back and hip openers and stretches with Jeanette Jenkins

If plane rides often leave you a little ‘jet-legged,’ this sequence of lengthening stretches from celebrity trainer Jeanette Jenkins will help limber you up. Great if you have tight hips  or stiff hamstrings, it’s designed to boost energy and flexibility to ensure your holiday starts off on the right foot. Jeanette recommends taking six to 10 deep breaths or longer for each pose extending to one to three minutes if it feels especially good.

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30-minute no-equipment barre sculpting workout from Popsugar Fitness

Described as, “Like barre but better” by instructor, Barre Belle creator Marnie Alton, this full body 30-minute workout is designed to help you stretch, sculpt and sweat. Featuring both high and low impact options, it suits a wide range of fitness levels.

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Shona Vertue’s holiday no-equipment bodyweight workout

If you’re looking for something faster-paced and higher impact, save this HIIT workout to your Instagram bookmarks. Created to get your heart pumping and to tone arms, legs, abs and booty, the advanced bodyweight exercises featured are tough but extremely engaging. Shona recommends aiming for 45 seconds on, 15 seconds off for each move, and five sets in total. Her YouTube channel  is also great for finding a range of different yoga workouts too.

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6-minute abs with Tom Daley

Created as part of his 6-minute summer series, this waist-whittling workout provides a valuable insight into the secrets behind the Olympic medalist’s washboard abs. Each move is made up of 30 seconds hard work and 10 seconds rest to target upper and lower abs, obliques and love handles - great either done on its own or in addition to one of the HIIT workouts above.

For more workouts, check out Tom Daley's YouTube channel

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