7 workout-boosting supplements that support both body & mind

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7 workout-boosting supplements for body & mind

With a new season now upon us, many of us can be found changing up our exercise routines to either suit the longer days or reinvigorate our relationships with fitness. Change is in the air however, embarking on a new way of working out can often leave energy levels depleted, lead to longer recovery times and take its toll on our physical and mental reserves. To help support your body in this time of transition, a few savvy supplements can act as the most useful of pre and post-workout helping hands for boosting defences from the inside out, fighting fatigue and encouraging better sleep habits.

Designed to address a range of different needs and exercise preferences, the following have been formulated with these objectives very much at their core to make the most of your time both in and out of the gym. Furthermore, they are all 25 per cent off in the Whole Foods Market Organic Supplement Sale, running from the 26th of May to the 1st of June. Happy days - seek them out at your local store here .

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Motion Nutrition Vegan Organic Post-Workout Recovery, now £27.74 in the Whole Foods Market 25% sale

For fans of the hardcore workout, post-class recovery and soreness can often act as hurdles to the rest of your weekly plans. However, this vegan, gluten-free and soy-free sports shake has been formulated with these increasing demands in mind to help speed up the body’s natural ability to re-energise after a strenuous session. Containing freeze-dried coconut water powder to replenish lost electrolytes, immunity-boosting maitake mushroom extract and wheatgrass, it also provides 17g of protein per serving to aid muscle recovery and growth. Plus, it contains red banana, maqui berry and pomegranate to boost energy levels and provide a much-needed helping hand for reinvigorating resources when they’re feeling particularly drained.

(Full price - £36.99).

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Macacha Peace Plant Protein Shake in Vanilla, now £21.75 in the Whole Foods Market 25% sale (10 sachets)

This Zen-inducing plant protein shake makes for the ideal sleep-inducing post-workout wind down aid. Helpful in combatting endorphin overload following a particularly arduous HIIT session in the evening, its inclusion of adaptogenic herb, Tulsi, (aka the ‘Happiness Herb’), thought to help regulate serotonin, dopamine and stress hormones, is a calming addition; as is amino acid L-theanine for its relaxation benefits. Almost yogic in its effects, it’s also high protein to help in the maintenance of muscle mass, contains iodine (from seaweed) to support cognitive function and includes iron to help prevent over-tiredness. Sounds like a dreamy combination to us.

(Full price - £29 for a box of 10 sachets).

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Viridian Clear Skin Omega Oil, now £11.69 in the Whole Foods Market 25% sale

Providing valuable ‘skin-gredients’ omegas 3, 6 and 9 by the teaspoon, this essential fatty acid-rich vegan elixir makes for an effective way for helping keep workout-induced breakouts at bay. Formulated to help fight inflammation and free radical damage, it also aids digestion as well to keep all systems operating as healthily as possible. Designed to be added to smoothies, salad dressings, dips, soups and more, it’s as versatile as it is practical.

(Full price - £15.59).

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Alchemy Beauty Elixir, now £33.74 in the Whole Foods Market 25% sale (30 servings)

This skin, hair and nail-boosting vegan protein powder acts as an easy yet effective way to add a tablespoon of antioxidant-rich goodness to your pre-workout smoothie or bowl of porridge. Containing camu camu, one of the highest-bearing fruits of vitamin C, and other well-known vitamin C heavyweights, goji, acai and baobab, it gives skin an extra line of protection against free radical damage as well as helping aid healthy collagen production too. Also featuring pea protein and wheatgrass to help build stronger nails and hair, its cocktail of nutrient-rich plants and fruits acts as the perfect beauty-focused accompaniment to your body-strengthening workout plan of choice in the gym.

(Full price - £44.99).

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Pukka Glow, now £12.74 in the Whole Foods Market 25% sale (30 capsules)

For a post-workout glow that keeps going long after your class is over, these radiance-enhancing capsules contain the ideal blend of ingredients. Goodies include hydrating aloe vera, neem (a plant-based derivative with Indian roots known for its cleansing properties), detoxifying nettle and also protein-boosting chlorella, to make it a worthwhile addition to your post-class drinks list and for top-ups when on the go too.

(Full price - £16.99).

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Natures Plus Source of Life Garden Vitamin D3, now £8.21 in the Whole Foods Market 25% sale (30 capsules)

When it comes to vitamin D, it’s all over the news that we’re not getting enough - even in the summer months. In fact, it’s suggested that a fifth of us are deficient in it. So if you’re looking to supplement your supplies in these sun-shy times to help support bones and mood, this innovative find fits the bill very nicely indeed. Containing 5000 IU of vitamin D3 derived from organic mushrooms, it also features an organic whole food base to help provide a steady stream of other benefits too. Counting anti-inflammatory turmeric, vitamin C-rich acerola and other health-boosters as key highlights, it’s also gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan friendly to allow for pretty universal appeal as well.

(Full price - £10.95 for 30 capsules).

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Pukka Clean Me Green Organic Wellbeing Kit, now £14.99 in the Whole Foods Market 25% sale (for a 14 day supply)

Think of this as a useful programme for upping your greens when short on time. Features include a 14-day guide, access to an online support program and ample supplies of the brand’s best-selling Detox Herbal Tea, Clean Matcha Green Tea and Clean Greens Superblend Powder containing wheatgrass, nettle, spirulina, chlorella, kale sprouts and seaweed. It makes squeezing in your greens refreshingly simple to achieve. (Full price - £19.99).

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