This new high intensity training app is all you need to ditch the excuses and give fitness a go, writes Rosie Steel

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Having lean legs and a perfectly toned stomach is, quite frankly, a distant dream. After a busy day at work I normally want to come home and crash on the sofa, rather than slog to the gym to do an hour’s workout. Which is why The Hot5, a new app that launched this month, could just be the answer to all my wishes as it offers a collection of intense workouts that each last a mere five minutes. Even I could manage that…

Eight top US trainers offer workout options tailored to your exercise desires – Amazing Abs, Fitness Basics, Total Body and more. These videos have verbal cues, a visual timer and are filmed in HD.

High intensity training, the basis of the app, is everywhere at the moment. Top trainers including GTG experts Freedom2Train really rate it for getting fitter and leaner, quicker. The idea of exercising fast and hard for only five minutes is to increase both your metabolism and the amount of calories your body burns after the workout is finished (known as Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption).

So working twice as hard for half the time has huge benefits, and means that you can slip your workout into your busy day and still get in shape. What’s more it’s free (for the first five workouts). We have no excuse now…

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