Need a personal trainer? Get one for free with Nike's new app, says Katie Robertson

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Come January we all partake in making positive, albeit overly ambitious New Year’s resolutions to kick the cake and take on the treadmill - however, this is always easier said than done. In between the dark mornings, frosty evenings and exhausting work schedules it’s seriously hard to get the motivation to commit to these annual gruelling New Year changes.

But never fear, Nike+ is here and has come running to our aid in the form of a round-the-clock pocket personal trainer, the N+TC app. Whilst the prospect of a compact coach might sound slightly terrifying, this new and improved Nike+ training app is in fact an absolute must for anyone wanting to beat the bulge and get fit this 2014.

Launched on the 1st January, this free app features over 100 full body workouts developed by professional Nike trainers that aim to get you leaner, fitter, stronger and more fitness focused in a heartbeat. Presented with the choice of either individual workouts or customising your own 4-week/30 day programme with your preferred exercises, this app provides a plethora of fitness options and structures to suit any lifestyle.

If, like myself, you quite often run into ‘lazy days’, the motivational drill packs from top class athletes such as Maria Sharapova alongside the Nike+ profile that monitors your progress will certainly keep you on the straight and narrow - trust us.

Best of all this app is totally user-friendly with video demos and audio guidance; it’s linked up to play music from your own library and even allows you to shop the latest and greatest Nike gear and sportswear from their online shop. We’ve heard enough, we’re already downloading - bring on bikini season!

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