Match your music to your running pace with this clever workout buddy

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What Does it Do?

Using a unique tempo level system, this app categorizes your music library into levels based on different tempo intervals. So, when you’re on a specific level, all songs will share a similar beat, allowing you to match your running pace to that beat, creating a more fluid and exhilarating run.

Special Features

If your music library is a little dodge (ahem, Bieber) don’t worry as this app has got you covered with TempoRadio powered by SoundCloud. This feature allows you to discover and download a whole host of epic new running songs. However, for those of you more tune savvy, Tempo Run can categorize your existing music library into different tempo levels 1-10, with 1 being a walk, 5 being a jog, and 10 being a sprint so that you can sync your steps to the beat of your music.

Not just a master of music, this app also allows you to keep track of all relevant running statistics such as distance, time and calories burned, allowing you to monitor your progress.

Why do we need It?

Because there’s nothing more annoying than having to do a half trot, skip or waddle as you flick through your music library trying to find that one song that’s going to get you hyped up and ready to exercise. A recent study at Brunel University concluded that running to the tempo of your music increases your cardiovascular output by up to 15% - so yes, it has been making a difference that all this time you’ve resigned yourself to running to Lana Del Rey.

Why do we love it?

Because it’s the personal trainer/awesome exclusive DJ you never had. Plus, anything that can ease the utter agony of running and improve our technique gets a massive thumbs up from us. Indeed, the perfect run is only a download away.

Available from itunes , £1.99