Take just 4 minutes of your day and turn them into a workout

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What Does It Do?

It’s a workout app that uses intense interval training as its guide to take you through eight sequences of 20 seconds of exercising, followed by 10 seconds of rest. This, with a short preparation time before starting, is known as 'Tabata protocol' and takes up just four minutes out of your day folks - yes you heard us, four little minutes of exercise.

Discovered by Dr. Izumi from Tokyo, the idea behind Tabata is that it delivers maximum benefits in a short period of time. Now that’s our kind of workout.

Why Do We Love it?

Because it’s easy to use and most convenient of all, it’s portable so you can take it with you anywhere with no equipment or specific surroundings required - including the park, your bedroom or even at work (if you really want).

Mainly though, we’re in love with this app because the theory of Tabata is supported with huge amounts of scientific research and essentially we’re spending less time exercising but getting fitter and slimmer quicker - what’s not to love?

Why Do We Need It?

Because it burns fat, increases your stamina and strength and gives you aerobic and anaerobic benefits in just a few minutes out of your day.

Not to mention it’s also completely versatile meaning any exercise works - whether you want to cycle, row, lift weights or even just flail around - it all counts as long as you go hard for each 20 second period. Tabata can adapt to whatever works for you and we like that.

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