Lululemon's new adjustable In Alignment bra is the most comfortable on the planet says this yoga teacher who wears it every day

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Like many, I’ve lived in my workout wear over the past few months and am always surprised at the audible sigh of relief that accompanies the removal of my sports bra. Aren’t they supposed to be comfortable?

The repeated ‘oof-ing’ as I wriggle yet another constricting ribcage band over my head has led to a brutal cull of all those yoga bras that chafe, dig in, give me red welts or require tedious escapology. Not to mention wrestling with those annoying pads that, when you wash them, never quite go back the way they came out and from then on look lumpy.

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But call off the search, Lululemon has answered my prayers with their new In Alignment Bra  for A-C cups like mine. It has a second-skin weightless feel and is the most comfortable fit I’ve found in 15 years as a yoga teacher. For larger breasts, there’s also a new Free To be Elevated Bra  for DD-E cups, £38 (main image, left and right) which is designed for yoga, is sweat-wicking with four-way stretch. I have high hopes too for their Like A Cloud Bra, £48 which is intended for yoga but claims to be wearable all day. It launches in October 2020.

As for the In Alignment Bra , it’s not often that you find a sports bra for smaller breasts that’s truly adjustable with straps you can shorten and proper bra hooks at the back. I have quite a broad ribcage relative to the size of my boobs thanks to two children and two decades of ujjayi yoga breathing and sports bra makers, in my experience, assume that if you have small breasts, you are small all over. And when it comes to the pads, they have to be ginormous to make up for what you’re lacking. Not so.

While Lululemon makes the most weightless yoga leggings on the planet (I’d happily be buried in my Align Pant (from £44) and probably will, given how long they last) for me, Lulu has never quite got the yoga bra fit right. I’ve had to recycle the two I bought because they were uncomfortably tight around the ribs. And once I’d yet again failed to reinsert the pads, they were baggy on the boobs. I even got stopped at airport security wearing one with the brand’s trademark (and admittedly pretty) multiple back strap bras because it looked like I could have something explosive strapped about my person.

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The In Alignment Bra is not only buttery soft, but it has also molded cups with a sliver of non-removable padding that stays put. It gives just the right amount of technical stretch, shape and support – yes small breasts need support otherwise the ligaments stretch and they sag irretrievably (been there).

Yoga is all about connecting with your body, becoming aware of subtle sensations making micro-adjustments. An annoying sports bra isn’t supposed to be one of them. And thank goodness it no longer has to be.

Buy the Lululemon In Alignment Bra, £58.

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