Is a duvet and pillow set that claims to help active bodies rejuvenate overnight too good to be true? Susannah Taylor put Snuggledown to the test to find out

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Recently I was contacted by luxury Norwegian duvet and pillow brand Snuggledown who wanted me to put their Rest and Rejuvenate bedding to the test. I know, tough call, but with a reputation for being a professional sleeper, (my friends nicknamed me 'Snooze' instead of Sus once on holiday because I barely woke up to drink my wine), I decided I would probably be the best woman for the job. Apologies to any bad sleepers out there, but I love my bed and I love  sleep  and I didn’t really need another reason to put my PJs on and snuggle down some more (see what I did there? Sorry).

The range, which is designed for active people apparently, cleverly uses the same technology as sportswear and works by using man-made fibres that regulate your body temperature at night, carrying heat and moisture away from the body and preventing overheating. Active people they say, have a higher metabolic rate which means they will continually be burning energy during sleep, (which I guess may mean they get a bit sweatier at night). Gross but true.

So how did my Dacron Hollowfill duvet help my sleep in comparison to my usual duck down duvet? Well, I wouldn’t say this duvet is going to fix your DOMS (delayed, onset muscle soreness or ‘post exercise muscle agony’ for anyone wondering), and it won’t suddenly make your legs run a 10K the next day, but it definitely is conducive to a brilliantly smooth night’s sleep. Firstly, the feel of the duvet and pillowcase is blindingly wonderful - in comparison to my usual feathery one that clings to every inch of my body, this one is as light as air and deep, a bit like a lovely fluffy cloud. It barely feels like it’s touching you, so you don’t feel in any way claustrophobic. Secondly, it’s warm (a 10.5 tog) but without any of the clamminess that often accompanies feathery duvets - since I’ve had it, I haven’t woken up gasping for air or feeling the need to stick my arms and legs out of the bed like a dehydrated starfish (even when I had a terrible cold). As for the pillow  - well, this is hands down quite possibly the loveliest, squishiest, pillow I’ve ever had and I seem to wake up most mornings hugging it. The husband doesn’t even get a nose near it and if anyone switches it for the one underneath, I KNOW.

I’m not sure I’d go as far as saying the Snuggledown duvet set has made me perform better in the gym (but then again, I will be if my sleep is tip-top since more sleep equals better bodily functions all round), but the ultimate test came last weekend when our 8 year old and 10 year old got into our bed in the middle of the night. Rather than me waking up at 5am feeling like I was in bed with the three bears, I woke up at 7am all serene and perspiration free. It’s a clever duvet and I won’t be going back to duck, but I might be dragging it to the spare room so I can cherish it all on my own.

The Snuggledown Rest and Rejuvenate Duvet, 10.5 tog, £66.49, is available to  buy online here  and the pillow, £25,  here .