In summer your workout schedule can go to pot, but top strength trainer Caroline Idiens has this workout for you to take on your travels and keep you on track

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Summer is when our usual routines slide a little. Everything is a little looser. Scorching temperatures mean it’s harder to find a good moment to go for a run. A few cheeky rosés in the garden of an evening chips away at your motivation to go to yoga the next morning. If you have school-age children, you’ll be well aware that they are about to go feral for at least six weeks, until September arrives. And then there’s the disruption wrought by holidays – I mean, does anyone ever use their hotel gym?

But you don’t have to bin off your workout schedule entirely and lose those hard-won fitness and strength gains. Instagram sensation PT Caroline Idiens, known to her 300k followers as Caroline's Circuits and a specialist in strength training will help you stay on track. 

She has designed this short-and-sweet circuit for Get the Gloss: 15 minutes, no equipment, strength and cardio combined. “You can do it anywhere with no equipment and it needs very little space,” she says. “It’s one you can start the day with this summer and feel totally energised! It ticks the cardio and strength boxes in just 15 minutes.” 

Why short workouts are so effective

Short, sharp circuits are perfect for when you’re short of time, easy to commit to and kinder to your body, says Caroline, whose 30-minute online workouts four times a week attract hundreds of participants from all over the globe (to join see out discount code below).  

“You don't have to spend an hour working out to get results - consistency is the name of the game and there is evidence that shorter workouts are just as, if not more, effective than longer sessions. They keep you focused thanks to their variety, you can tailor to different muscle groups or goals, they give a great mental boost and also help avoid the kind of overtraining injuries you can get from long, frequent workouts.”

Ready for some mountain climbers and shuttle runs?

Caroline’s tips for working out consistently over the summer:

  • Go early in the day before it's too hot or the day takes over
  • Ensure you hydrate often
  • If you’re exercising outside, always wear SPF and light, breathable fabrics
  • Pack a resistance band in your holiday suitcase – they take up almost no room and there’s a variety of exercises you can do with them.

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