Fitness aficionado Christina Howells and fashion designer and personal trainer Charli Cohen have created an online workout and nutrition programme like no other, writes Anna Hunter

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When fashion and fitness combine forces, the results almost always pack a punch, and the case of That Girl is no different. Designed and devised by fashland’s favourite fitness expert Christina Howells  and fashion designer and personal trainer Charli Cohen, That Girl is an online workout and nutrition plan tailored to the needs and demands of busy, professional women. These two should know; they fit that profile exactly. If they can stay in shape while oozing style and having fun with it, so can you. Get ready to become That Girl.

Christina and Charli both believe in supporting women and tailoring fitness programmes, nutritional guidance and even sportswear to their bodies and lifestyles. Christina developed her own unique training style centred on women after recognising that most methods were mapped on men’s bodies. Super stylist Katie Grand and the world’s top editors love her results-driven, effective workouts; no one plays to women’s strengths like Christina does. Likewise Charli sculpts her fashion-forward sportswear around real women’s bodies - expect high-tech fabrics, figure flattering cuts and a LOT of compliments. Both are well versed in nutrition, exercise and wellbeing and have joined ranks to take their expertise global.

That Girl is aspirational yet accessible with a strong emphasis on glamour and femininity (think stockings, champagne and red lipstick). That doesn’t, however, mean that you can’t get sweaty in PJs in your front room if you so choose. Flexibility is the name of the game. As is high intensity training and self-discipline. The four workouts available with the full membership programme are demonstrated by Christina and styled by Charli, in collaboration with Nike and hosiery label Mrs Miller. Moves are clearly presented in a GIF format (don’t attempt to execute them at GIF speed however!) and the instructions are pleasingly straightforward to follow.

That Girl doesn’t beat around the bush when it comes to exercise terminology and a constant stream of tips and pointers ensures that you get the best possible results from your workout. With catchy names such as ‘Pray It’s Over Soons’, these manoeuvres will stick with you and soon become second nature. That’s not to say that they’re easy. They’re tough and they may take some time to master, but having Christina’s know-how at your fingertips is guaranteed to get you in shape fast if you stick at the workouts. Don’t forget the warm up and cool down - the former is designed to improve posture and the latter will ease muscle soreness (which you will more likely than not experience - especially if you attempt ‘That Soho Girl’). My favourite workout of all was ‘That Girl x Mrs Miller’- it was balletic in style and suited my gangly limbs.

The nutritional guide to complement the That Girl exercise programme ensures that you reap the rewards of your exertion - it’s comprehensive, thorough and covers most eventualities. From cheat sheets when you’re out and about (most useful for Londoners and urbanites) to addressing the psychological aspect of food and diet, it’s all here, along with simple meal plans and realistic goals. The nutrition programme may come as a bit of a shock if you’re reliant on sugar hits, post-work wines or venti lattes, but there’s no cutting carbs or counting calories - just filling, wholesome grub ideas to sustain and satisfy.

Oh, and the website is also available in French. Cette Fille is certainly a sophisticated outfit. Watch out for a personalised That Girl Bespoke service coming soon and further workouts to be added (although charged at a fee).

That Girl Full Membership - £35

That Girl Lite (access to 2 workouts) - £15