Christmas gift ideas: The fitness fanatic

20 November 2014
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Christmas gift ideas: The sporty girl

Christmas time can be stressful enough without having to dedicate hours of your life to finding the perfect gift for your fit and healthy friend or loved one. So being the kind and considerate bunch we are we’ve done the hard work for you and rifled through our Glossy catalogues to bring you an edit of the top ten gifts for the girl in your life who's always looking to break a sweat, whenever and wherever she can.

From chic yet practical clothing to uber cool technical devices we’re sure our selection of fabulous workout gifts are sure to please any fitness fanatic come the 25th.

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Lexie Leggings

Suitable for both a high intensity workout and a stylish rendezvous with friends, these graphic print leggings are the ultimate in fashionable fitness wear and the perfect gift for the sporty girl.

Emblazoned with a unique and bold design, these fitted leggings feature UV protecting fabric and are extremely long-lasting thanks to their pilling and ultra chlorine resistance. Not to mention the angled, elasticated waistband also works to keep tummies taught, while their ergonomic design ensures they fit perfectly to the female form and move with the body no matter what.

Lexie Leggings, £65,  buy online

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Bobble Bottle

Keeping properly hydrated is key for any fitness fanatic with a busy life, which is why this pretty pink Bobble bottle is the perfect tool to help ensure you quench your thirst.

Combining style and function, this stylish water bottle features an electropositive carbon filter, which works to help reduce chlorine and organic contaminants from tap water offering cleaner, better tasting water. What's more, this model's size and tethered cap mean it's all the better for sporting types on the move. Transportable and chic this bottle is just as ideal outside of the gym to be used throughout the day as a permanent H20 pick-me-up.

Bobble Bottle, £7.50,  buy online

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Radiance Fitness Cleanse

Curated by world-class personal trainer (and GTG expert) Dalton Wong, this box of juices are specially devised to provide powerhouse clean and natural fuel for the body both before and after workouts.

Presented in Radiance’s signature stylish packaging, this cleanse contains six organic, cold-pressed juices ranging from clean greens and vibrants veg’s. Created using the Radiance hydraulic press which extracts the maximum amount of goodness from ripe, Soil Association certified organic produce, these juices are one of nature’s most powerful and delicious pick-me-ups and the greatest of all fitness fuel.

Radiance Fitness Cleanse, £95,  buy online

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Nike training kit

For when the days are long and the nights are cold give the gift of bringing the gym into the comfort of a home with this trio of workout tools from Nike.

Including two resistance bands and a speed jump rope, this pack offers the ideal versatility for achieving a range of multisport workouts. The long-length band and circular light band can be used for diverse resistance levels and exercise options, while the skipping rope is ideally used for fast-paced, HIIT style workouts.

Coming complete with a mesh storage bag, these tools are the perfect compact kit to help keep you feeling fit as a fiddle without even needing to step outside your door.

Nike training kit, £25,  buy online

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Beats By Dr Dre Headphones

If anything is going to help get you moving during the cold winter months it’s a pair of these Beats Mixr Headphones designed by music mogul duo David Guetta & Dr. Dre.

Inspired by DJs from around the world, these super bass headphones are the loudest of the range offering the clearest,  surround-sound experience so that you never miss a beat during a workout.

Available in nine different colours these beauties are bold in design and loud in volume meaning you’ll never do a better workout than when these music makers are firmly attached to your ears.

Beats By Dr Dre Headphones, £219,  buy online

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Mio Your Fit Skin Kit

While the body is hard at work it’s important to remember to keep your skin looking and feeling in tip top condition - and what could be better than this trio of skin firming heros from marvellous brand Mio.

Including three products the Activist works to moisturise and nourish stressed skin, Boob Tube helps keep crinkles at bay and your décolleté silky soft and smooth, whilst the Activist is the perfect pre and post treatment to help energise, cool and revitalise tired, worn-out muscles.

Compact and small this little trio pop perfectly into any gym bag for gorgeously glowing skin on the go.

Mio Your Fit Skin Kit, £26.50,  buy online

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Organic Burst Energy Bundle

Championed by nutritional experts as a great way to pack in the nutrients, this pack of hearty, health powders will make a great gift for any sporty type looking to maintain a happy body, mind and soul.

Combining Maca Powder, Baobab Powder and Spirulina Tablets, this Organic Burst trio are jampacked with vitamins and minerals that work to improve areas such as alertness, efficiency and your overall strength and stamina. A hectic work life combined with an active fitness life can make for a pretty shattering schedule - but this package is sure to help put the bounce back into any busy bodys step.

Organic Burst Energy Bundle, £27.24,  buy online

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Project Fit Package Of 10 Classes

An exercise challenge like no other, Project Fit is the newest revolutionary style of training that's caught our Glossy eye due to its ability to get big results, fast.

Based on high intensity interval training these sessions work by dramatically boosting the metabolic rate, forcing the body to draw out fat stores and use them for fuel. This in turn aids weight loss, improves body tone, shape and muscular endurance.

With this package, users can book in for ten 35 minute or hour long classes that combine body transformation exercises with treadmill intervals, that can burn up to and over a whopping 1000 calories. Ideal for all fitness levels and abilities Wwe promise whoever receives this will never have been more grateful for a gift - especially by the time bikini season comes around...

Project Fit Package Of 10 Classes, £100,  buy online

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TomTom Multi-Sport Cardio GPS Watch

A workout watch like no other, this digital device is the ideal gift for anyone looking to maximise their fitness potential, monitor their training or reach and achieve an important goal.

Offering three key features this watch allows users to keep watch of their heart rate, match or increases your training goal using notifications to inform you if you need to speed up or slow down and real time information on running, swimming and cycling that allow you to track your distance, time, pace, speed and total calories burnt. With no dangling wires or complicated attachment devices, this watch simply straps straight onto your wrist for a personal training experience like no other.

TomTom Multi-Sport Cardio GPS Watch, £249.99,  buy online

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Nike Gift Card

There’s nothing more frustrating then knowing a friend or loved ones favourite brand but coming totally unsure and unstuck on exactly what to buy them. So, to help take the strife out of shopping, give the gift of choice this year to ensure your sporty girl gets the extract present she wants.

Whilst we salivate over practically every item of clothing from Nike, we think this voucher is best spent on a pair of personalised Nike ID’s - original, unique and totally your own design, shoppers can help dictate everything from the colour of the laces right down to the shades of the signature swoosh. Not to mention Indecisive purchasers needn’t worry as these gift cards never expire and are redeemable at Nike’s European online shopping destinations as well as in-store.

Nike Gift Card, £200,  buy online