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GTG: Best and worst hair moments?

Claudia: "My favourite hair moments are when my fringe is sort of down to the floor, I love it. I know it looks a bit weird but I’ve got such bad eyesight anyway that really it doesn’t make any difference, so I like a nose-skimming fringe. The worst moment was when I once had it cut too short and I looked like Dora the Explorer.

If you could swap hair with someone it would be…

"Laura Bailey or Gisele - I’d like blonde, streaky, LA hot hair, because I have the opposite."

Ever given anything up for health reasons?

"I have given up sugar, but I wake up most days and go ‘I’m not going to have sugar today’ and as I’m holding a Mars bar at 4pm I go, ‘Oh this has got sugar in it’!"

If you sent us a shelfie from your bathroom, what would we find?

"A shelfie?! OK, you’ll find my favourite shampoo in the whole world, Head & Shoulders 3Action Formula Nourishing Care Shampoo. It’s so delicious! It’s literally like a present to yourself. You would also find Aesop cleanser which will make you look 11. You’ll find Imperial Leather Foam Burst, Oh my God what a treat! You’ll find some kids' shampoo. You would find a bit of a selection, a hotch-potch!

How often do you look into the mirror?

"I was brought up in a house without mirrors and I’ve only got a mirror for tooth brushing. Some people would argue that I don’t look into the mirror enough, which explains why I look ramshackle when I leave the house."

Yourself in three words?

"Sleepy, orange, family."

If you ever get down …?

"I have a nap and phone a girlfriend."

Your last health check was…?

"About a year ago I guess."

The workout that works is…?

"The lying down one. The big afternoon nap one! No, I am obsessed by Psycle."

The product you tell everyone about?

"I’m slightly obsessed by Head and Shoulders Nourishing Care Shampoo. It’s genuinely made my hair shinier and softer than ever before. I think smell is everything. It smells of lavender, so you’re already excited. In the shower, you open it up and you want to do a little dance. I’m also obsessed with Lord and Berry eyeliner and I’m obsessed by Mac lipstick."

How much do you sleep…?

"As much as I possibly can."

The secret to staying sane is…?

"Sleep, friends, family, not too much work if I could possibly help it and turning my phone off."

Best budget beauty buy?

I’m in love with Head and Shoulders (from £2.99) it is absolutely extraordinary. I’m not just saying this but if you use it, and you don’t love it, you need to call me. Head & Shoulders have my number.

Biggest health and beauty spend?

"I like a massage when I’m on holiday and I like Yves Saint Laurent Opium.

What are you surprisingly good at?

"Roast chicken."

If you gave yourself a performance review…?

"Oh it would be awful! I’m a total loser, you shouldn’t watch me."

What do you do before breakfast?

"Tell the kids to put their homework in the right bag, it doesn’t always happen. For breakfast, I could live off avocados, but I actually wake up not very hungry."

The new find you're excited about?

"Well we’re getting goldfish, that’s our huge news! We’re pretty excited about it, we’ve discussed it for a couple of years. We don’t have a garden so we’re not a pet household. But yes, if you want to know, my five-year-old is going to be calling them Goldie and Bubbles and he’s quite specific. He would like them to be brothers. If you ever meet him, don’t tell him they were just randomly picked."

Complete this sentence: Money is…?


If we came by for lunch you'd make…?

"I would make some sort of pasta dish that you’d wish I never offered."

What do you always say yes to…?

"I don’t often say yes, it’s my least favourite word. I often say no, especially to anything that means I have to be out of the house after 4pm."

If you could be anywhere on earth right now…?

"I'd be in my bed, with my family."

Claudia Winkleman is the ambassador for Head & Shoulders 3Action Formula Nourishing Care shampoo, RRP from £2.99. Follow Claudia on Twitter  here  and Victoria  @VWyoga