Reset your mindset and give negativity the boot with these thought-provoking tips to #StartBetter

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“A man is but a product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes,” Mahatma Gandhi.

As relevant now as it was then, a positive mind could hold the key to a happier you. An essential daily ally to help increase self-esteem, confidence and decrease stress levels, its power cannot be underestimated. Better than any self-help book, put in the time to nurture your mindset and you’ll notice the effects flow into your words, actions and behaviour like nothing else before.

“Positive thinking and living is not just the experience you have when good things are happening in your life. It is the ability to stay motivated, hopeful and positive whatever is happening,” explains clinical hypnotherapist and Get The Gloss Expert Terrence the Teacher . “Even though feelings might vary, positive thinking can become a way of life.”

Ready to take some positive strides in 2015? Here are Terry’s top 5 tips for giving your outlook the ultimate boost to #StartBetter  and think yourself happy...

1. Start on a good note

Start every day by reflecting on something good (positive) that happened to you the day before. Maybe even write it down. The word “gratitude” fits in this space. Being grateful for something you experienced the day before creates powerful emotions. Such reflection can enhance your mood almost immediately - a very positive way to start a new day. You could also repeat this exercise weekly and monthly. Compounding your gratitude will compound a positive outlook.

2. Keep up the body talk

A very important component of living a positive life is the nurturing and taking care of the physical body. Just as thoughts can affect us physically, the reverse is also true. For example, if you had a bad night’s rest, you might be tired and irritable. Without regular exercise and fresh air, your energy levels can drop and general motivation fade. The saying, “A healthy mind in a healthy body” holds so much truth. Taking steps towards better physical health will soon help towards a more positive way of living.

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3. Use buzz words

Next is the power of the spoken word. There is a Buddhist proverb that says, “To everyone is given the key to heaven, the same key opens the gate of hell.” I believe our words are that key.

Our language pattern affects every action and thought we have, either positively or negatively. As our words can affect people around us, the same is true for their effect on ourselves. Positive statements can create a positive mood and therefore a positive outcome. Choose your words wisely. Your subconscious is listening the whole time. It will respond accordingly.

Try the following exercise: say out loud, “I feel so sad.” Noticed what happened to you and your body? Did your shoulders drop? What happened to your mood? Now say the following, “My bright future excites me.” Did you notice the difference? It’s proof of the power that positive language has.

4. Jog your memory

Emotional stability and happiness play another big role in a positive life. Having positive emotions is vital for personal growth, development and health. They literally open our minds.

When we experience positive emotions (feelings), they get stored in our memory bank. Experiences like eating a great meal, listening to beautiful music, playing your favourite sport and even making love create those memories. They are powerful resources to draw positive feelings from to help us in the present. It is the beautiful circle of life - the happier we are, the more productive we become. We open ourselves to people more which in turn creates more confidence, creativity and even physical health.

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5. To err is human

The last point I would love to make, is that I fully understand that it is not always possible to have positive thoughts or even act positively. That is just being human.

My advice then would be to act as if you were dealing with a fire. Fires eventually burn out, if you don't feed them. So if you are having a less positive moment, take some time, stand back and become the observer. Feelings and thoughts will pass. Once you feel ready and better, grab back the control with positive enthusiasm.

A positive life is something that everyone deserves. Sometimes it just takes a little determination.

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