Need a bit of fitness motivation? We sought the help of a top personal trainer to set us on the right track. #StartBetter

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Let’s be honest, it’s cold, it’s grey and it’s dark and so limbering up and lunging to the gym couldn’t be less appealing. However, if you’re looking to #StartBetter  in 2015 and stay motivated from the get-go, finding ways to makeover your mindset and overcome your exercise gremlins could hold the key for reaching your long-term fitness  goals.

To help provide some extra encouragement for swapping your slippers for a pair of trainers, we asked Get The Gloss Expert  and top personal trainer Dalton Wong  for his top weight loss tips for both body and mind for overcoming our mental stumbling blocks when it comes to incorporating exercise into our daily routines. No matter how busy or cold it gets, keep his recommendations at hand to keep you inspired this January and beyond.

Variety is key

“One of the best things in the New Year is that every gym or class offers new incentives for getting in shape - Barrecore , yoga, hardcore pilates and lots more offer deals and introductory offers so that you can go to various places and try a range of different exercises. One day you could do bikram, another Pilates and the next something else so you won’t get bored.”

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Fine tune your fitness focus

“Figure out why you’re exercising. If you’re just doing it because it’s the start of the year, it will never work. If you’re under your duvet in bed and it’s cold outside, you’ll never want to get out unless there is an underlying concern for doing so. Is it a) to give you more energy to play with your kids? b) To get fit for the summer? (As summer bodies are made in winter) or c) To get heathier and fitter generally? You need a reason which will get out to the gym when you’re exhausted and feeling too tired for physical activity.”

Treat exercise like a meeting

“Be more concise about time. We never seem to find the time to exercise but we always find it for TV or less meaningful things. Plan your week with exercise being just as important as a meeting for work. Schedule it into your diary so there’s no way of getting out of it. Plan and have a strategic attack on how you approach it.”

“If you can only do it two times a week, don’t beat self up for it. You have to get out of that mindset. Two times is better than nothing.”

Pimp your sportswear

“If you’re exercising in the winter and you’re looking to run or cycle, make sure to have the proper training kit - I like Lucas Hugh leggings with a good pair of trainers, a hat and running coat, so you have no excuse to say it’s too cold. If you have the things you need and that make you feel good, you will do it. The Lucas Hugh leggings lift your bum too - the right clothes can really transform the way you’re feeling.

“Don’t wear a baggy tracksuit because you won’t feel like exercising. Find something that gets you excited about doing it - that’s key.”

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Hearty but healthy eating

“When the winter comes around, it’s much more difficult for body and mind to say ‘let’s have chicken and salad,’ which are traditionally summer foods- so eat seasonal foods instead. You can still eat clean and lean and healthily with stews and soups which are filling and hearty but won’t have a detrimental effect on the body.

“Try chilli with broccoli instead of rice or pasta, lots of warming broths - chicken, soup, vegetable and bone broth which are both nutritious and hearty. Eating seasonally makes your body feel better as you’re giving it what it needs - something warming and not rabbit food! Miso soup is also good too. All of these aren’t highly calorific but warming which hits the spot when it’s cold outside.”

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