Which apps, tech and desktop essentials does the Women’s Heath pro count on to get her through the working week? We found out

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With a healthy appetite for the worlds of workouts and wellness, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more motivational fitness Instagram feed than Amy Hopkinson’s. With abs worthy of an account in their own right, her role as Digital Editor at Women’s Health UK sees her trialling and testing the latest launches that the health industry has to offer, ensuring that she’s always one step (leap, lunge, burpee...) ahead of the pack when it comes to separating the fad from the fact.

A dream career for many, how did she reach the position she’s in now? It all started with a career re-evaluation. “After graduating from University of Arts London, I dabbled in the style industry. There were endless opportunities to wear polka dot heels and winged eyeliner but for some reason I never felt as excited about the shows or parties as my Louboutin-obsessed colleagues,” Amy tells us. “Not sure what to do, I headed to India on a 3-week trip where I hopped from yoga mat to yoga mat spending time at Soul and Surf and a Sivananda Ashram with a tatty notebook. With no-one else to talk to, I spent my days trying to figure out what set my soul on fire. I then returned home and put Operation Health into practice and realised that I’m more suited to a life of Lycra and probiotics than lipstick and heels. I believe that healthy isn’t something you do, but the way you are when given the right tools and I hope I help people with that at Women’s Health.”

Her career highlight? Signing up for the most trying of triathlons. “Last year, I was given the awful (kidding) task of covering the Nevis triathlon. It was everything you’d imagine: steel bands by the side of the road, getting a tan while doing the swim leg, jerk chicken at the finish line. But there were two aspects that made it extra amazing: one, my nan, who’s in her seventies (she’ll kill me for telling you that) came along to keep me company as I trained in the days before. And two, the ninety-something man who took part, completed it and became my ultimate inspiration. Together they’re the perfect example that fitness can be ageless and we shouldn’t write people off because of what age category they fit into.”

Here here. We caught up with Amy to gain a glimpse into her working day and workout essentials and to find out her formula for maintaining a healthy relationship with both phone and desktop.

GTG: Which apps can you not live without?

AH: Evernote  keeps my mind and to-do list organised AF. I’ve got my phones and computer synched so I can access everything/tap in ideas or notes on-the-go. I use Apple Mail  more than any other app but in the past few months I’ve got clever with it so that I don’t have to keep checking it. I’ve added important contacts to VIP lists, this means that their emails pop up on my Apple Watch. Everyone else that mails can wait until I open the app again.

When it comes to workouts, there are three I use regularly: Sweat with Kayla , NTC  and Freeletics . They all offer their own take on bodyweight workouts and I like to mix things up, especially if I don’t have someone else to train with.

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GTG: What’s in your bookmark bar?

AH: GoogleDocs - this is the nucleus of the WH content plan. We schedule features here and update the Googlesheets as we go. It’s the easiest way for the team to access the plan and keep in the loop with production.

I’ve also got Netflix (Orange Is The New Black Season 4, I say no more) and things to make me smile in stressful times: womenlaughingalonewithsalad.tumblr.com , Boo’s Facebook page  and www.thecoveteur.com  (I’m really nosey).

GTG: What’s on your real-life desktop?

AH: A hell of a lot of images that I’ve downloaded and am yet to file away.

GTG: Desk-side snack?

AH: Pip & Nut Coconut Almond Butter , £3.95, slathered on a Granny Smith apple.

GTG: Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook or Pinterest and why?

AH: Instagram for wanderlust and fitness inspiration, Snapchat for binging on unfiltered real-people - essentially the things that social anxiety stops from making it onto Instagram.

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GTG: Tea or coffee or water or what?!

AH: Mornings are Americanos from Soho Grind followed by hot water and lemon and fresh mint and water. Afternoons I love Chocolate Yogi Tea , £2.35, with a splash of almond milk, a Clean and Lean vanilla protein shake or sparkling water and blackcurrant squash.

GTG: What sort of chair do you sit on?

AH: No chair, I stand - it’s not as awful as it sounds.

Since getting a standing desk I’m pretty sure I’m more productive; you can’t slump so when you feel like doing that, you’re more likely to walk to the kitchen to get a drink or pop over to actually talk to someone rather than email.

GTG: How do you disconnect at the end of the day?

AH: One of two ways: yoga (I’ve recently started going back to Hotpod Yoga  and love it) or vodka and tonic. Both make me feel pretty great.

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