Put cayenne pepper on your shopping list, says the model and wellbeing entrepreneur who has winter wellness down to a fine art

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In winter, I always include hot water with lemon, ginger, cayenne pepper  and mint in my morning routine. It’s an immune booster and helps kick start the metabolism, which can be a little more sluggish at this time of year.

The most important lesson I’ve learned about health is that an alkaline body is a healthier body. Many people believe that this state combats disease, encourages cellular renewal and is therefore anti-ageing. When all of our 11 body systems are nourished well and detoxifying properly, they are in their optimal state. Since I’ve been taking my Super Elixir Alkalising Greens, my workouts are strong, I've lost weight, my moods are balanced, I don't have sugar cravings and I feel on top of my game. I take two teaspoons in water or coconut water religiously every day - and twice when I am travelling. Since starting my alkaline journey I have stopped taking all other synthetic supplements.

Keeping the family well

I wish there was a definitive answer to how to prevent my children from getting ill. I just do my best to provide nutritious meals for them, sometimes they eat them and a lot of the time they don’t. It’s part of the reason we created our new Kids Nourishing Protein. It’s an organic wholefood, vegan, gluten-free supplement containing everything a kid would need. The fact that it takes the form of a delicious raw Peruvian cacao protein smoothie, is an added bonus.

Fitness, immunity and energy

I believe that fitness, as part of an overall healthy lifestyle, is definitely an immunity booster. But it's also about being sensible. If I am feeling a little run down, I’ll choose a low impact option such as yoga rather than a tough sand run, for example. All yoga backbends give you a little boost of energy - anything that opens your heart. But my favourite pose, especially in the morning, is bridge pose. It’s the one where you lie on your back, feet hip-width apart, with your knees bent so that your feet are almost skimming your butt, and your arms are by your side. The simple version is to lift your hips up and focus on opening your chest. Hold for about 30 seconds and repeat two or three times. I also like lying twisting poses.

I usually have my daily greens before a workout and for a post-workout boost I’ll have a Nourishing Protein Smoothie  with banana and a handful of berries.

On winter evenings, I like to add in an evening walk to my usual morning 45-minute workout; it’s invigorating and for me it helps me keep winter weight gain at bay.

Combatting winter energy slumps

At the beginning of the day, before I get out of bed and before the family is up, I take about 30 mins for myself, no screens, no social media, just time to prepare for the day ahead. This includes some mindfulness and meditation. This is really precious time and even though it is quiet time, it is the reason I am energetic in the morning.

During the day, if I have a slump in energy it’s mostly because I haven’t eaten enough protein at my last meal. I find if I have a simple Nourishing Protein smoothie with half a banana and almond milk (I am loving my home made vanilla flavour at the moment), I am revitalised.

To keep my energy levels up throughout the day, I might have a cup of herbal tea and some dates. I am also a fan of a few squares of dark chocolate every now and then - I am all for enjoying life.

I have much more natural energy now that I eat alkaline.  Rather than comprising simple carbs such as pasta and wheat, alkaline foods contain complex carbohydrates derived from whole grains containing abundant nutrients to provide lasting energy and help curb sugar and carb cravings. I have found that when the body is nourished properly and functioning as nature intended, rather than being powered by processed foods, it can have far-reaching benefits.

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