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I love a family holiday at the beach. I recently went on a trip to Tulum, Mexico with the boys and it was such a fun time. We all like to be outdoors and active so Tulum was perfect. We rode our bikes everywhere, had mornings swimming in the Cenotes, long lazy lunches – the ceviche everywhere in Tulum is amazing. In the afternoon we’d snooze at the beach or indulge in a spa treatment (I had an amazing Mayan full body mask one day, my skin was so smooth afterwards!). Holidays are about relaxing but there are a few things I do to keep up my wellness regime. Here are my tips.

1. Keeping sun-safe

I love the sun but have learned the hard way the damage it can do! I think sunbaking in the 80s has a lot to answer for… if only my 19-year-old self knew what I know now. For my face I am all about SPF 50+. I wear Invisible Zinc, £17.23 for 50ml,  which I will apply in the morning if I know I am having a day outside, I carry it with me to reapply throughout the day and at night I might do a nourishing mask or add some oil to by skincare routine if I feel like it’s in need of some TLC.

I also go once a year for a mole check. Australia has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world, so there is a lot of education around mole checks.

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Swimming is my go-to exercise if I want to lean up, it’s the sport I see the best results from in a short amount of time

2. Staying fit with summer swimming

Whether it’s doing laps, HIIT swimming, surfing, stand-up paddle boarding, I like variety and making the most of the environment I am lucky enough to be in. Swimming is my go-to exercise if I want to lean up, it’s the sport I see the best results from in a short amount of time - it creates a long, lean physique and makes me feel energised and alert. I’ll do laps of a pool or swim in the ocean, and you might laugh but I do breaststroke with my head out of water, cowboy hat on my head for extra sun protection!

There are some really forward-thinking swimwear brands popping up who are doing rash vests that are actually quite cool. If I am going to be doing a water sport like stand-up paddle boarding I like to wear one. I own quite a few rashie tops by my friend Melissa Odabash and The Upside is a cool Aussie brand who have some great styles this season.

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3. Nourishing holiday hair

I don’t wet my hair in the ocean every time I swim, but on the days I do I always rinse it under water when I leave the beach or pool. If I feel like it needs some extra nourishing I have started using WelleCo’s  Organic Rose Geranium Creme  (50ml, £29) as a hair mask. It’s all natural, I leave it on over night and wash in the morning and my hair always feels shiny and soft, not at all like I’ve been spending all my days at the beach.

4. Staying healthy when you're a house guest

Styaing with frineds, I try to go with the flow when it comes to eating. I take our travel sachets of Alkalising Formula  and Nourishing Protein  with me when I am away or travelling so I will generally start my day with a smoothie for breakfast, I make it a fun thing and make one for everyone so we all start our days off well.  Recently I have been adding hemp milk to smoothie mix, which I am loving, it’s a great alternative for those wanting to avoid the cow and nuts.

5. Summer nights – getting a good night’s sleep

Sometimes I sleep really well and other times - although less frequently now we developed our Sleep Welle range which includes an anti-stress calming tea  and amazing mist you spray on your pillows – I have trouble drifting off. If I'm away from home, I definitely like to prepare the room I am sleeping in as well as I can, to set myself up for a good sleep. This means making it as dark as possible, with a bit of fresh air - and quiet is preferable! I always have a notepad next to my bed in case of 3am wakings, in which case I’ll jot down whatever is worrying me and that helps me drift back to sleep calmly. My tips for good night’s sleep are the usual ones – avoid screens for an hour before bed, have a warm shower or bath before bed to wind down and sip on calming tea for deep sleeps and calm days!

6. Packing a travel wellness kit

I always pack a travel kit of our three hero products; Alkalising Formula £23  , Nourishing Protein £28  and Sleepwelle Tea £48 . The only things you need every day -  greens, lean plant protein (great for healthy weight management while away from home) and sleep… oh, and a good book to nourish my mind!

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Every morning I take take two teaspoons of the Super Elixir Alkalising Formula. My skin is brighter, my hair and nails are stronger and I’ve lost weight. I have fewer sugar cravings as my blood sugar levels are more balanced and my digestion has improved. If beauty begins from the inside out, then taking a daily shot of easily absorbed, nutrient-rich powder is a beauty no-brainer for your skin.

When I’m flying - I know it’s boring - but I avoid plane food. I have a double serve of greens before the flight and then again at the other end for hydration and cell rejuvenation to help combat jet lag.

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