This month, our columnist explains how she balances health with indulgence - plus the collagen boosting beauty mineral she takes every day

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1. Break your fast with hot water and lemon.

I find it’s a nice way to gently wake the body and kick-start my metabolism. First thing upon waking, I meditate for about 20 to 30 minute s. It helps keep me feeling physically and mentally balanced and strong.

2. Drink your greens - the greener the better!

I take my daily dose of  The Super Elixir  alkalising greens in filtered water. It is formulated with 45 bio-live, wholefood ingredients that the body recognises and absorbs at cellular level. I have experienced a real difference in my energy levels, sleep patterns and complexion.

3. Eat your greens too but mix them up.

Because different greens have different benefits, I try to eat a few different varieties every day. For example, kale is a good source of iron and calcium, while broccoli, sprouts, cabbage and spinach are high in vitamin C as well as vitamin A which is essential for healthy skin, hair and nails.

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4. Listen to what your body needs.

Breakfast for me is always different because I try to eat whatever my body is craving. Sometimes it’s a smoothie made with hemp milk, half an avocado and one scoop of Nourishing Protein Chocolate .  If I want something hot, I’ll have a couple of poached eggs or a chia pudding soaked in almond milk.

5. Take horsetail every day

Its unique beauty mineral silica, that aids the repair of body tissues and collagen. It is also said to strengthen bones. It is one of the key ingredients in The Super Elixir so I take it every single day. Easy!

6. Eat more fish.

I don’t eat chicken or red meat, so fish is a great protein source for me. Sardines are a good choice because they are packed full of those wonderful omega 3 fatty acids.  Or I might have a big raw salad of kale, spinach, sprouts, cucumber, cabbage, avocado, coriander, and pumpkin and sunflower seeds. It’s nourishing, satisfying and bursting with nutrients.

7.   Snack between meals for increased energy.

I make myself a  Nourishing Protein Chocolate  smoothie with homemade almond milk or water and avocado. Or I have a couple of dates and herbal tea, or fresh organic almond butter with celery. It gives my energy levels a good boost and keeps me going until lunch.

8. Don’t worry if you fall off the wagon.

My nutritionist Dr Simone Laubscher PhD says to choose a celebration day or two where you can eat whatever you like. It helps prevent that inevitable landslide of indulging, especially during the festive season.

9. Eat more walnuts.

Another tip from Dr Laubscher! She loves it because it is complete protein snack that is brilliant for brain function. Eating 12 to15 walnut halves give you 95 per cent of your daily essential fatty acids.  Good reasons to eat them every day!

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10. Do treat yourself to something sweet occasionally.

My favourite indulgences are dark chocolate and vegan ice cream - preferably together!

x Love Elle

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