What better way to kickstart (and continue) the year than with a results based workout plan? We’ve even thrown in a discount to get you motivated…

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January is conventionally the month of dull weather, deprivation and groundhog day style gym visits, but how about we turn all of this drudgery on its head and add some fizz to our health and fitness regimes? That’s exactly what the following workout plan aims to do, capitalising on skills, new moves and brain as well as ab engagement. Plus, the regime was filmed in the sunny climes of Morocco, transporting you from the grey climes of Blighty in an instant. It’s worth watching even if you’re not doing the moves, but we encourage you to get your kit on, as this is as fresh and fun as winter workouts get...

Introducing That Methodology  a fulfilling, progressive and intelligently designed workout that combines two of the leading UK fitness experts' - Dan Roberts  and Christina Howells  - knowledge and success in helping women to become their very best versions of themselves.

This innovative programme blends new exercises with the ethos and signature moves of their globally acclaimed workouts, namely Methodology X™  and  That Girl™ , designed in accordance with their three guiding principles: education, movement and mindfulness.

Together, Dan and Christina believe that a ‘mind-body’ connection is fundamental to loving the body you are in.

That Methodology offers six workouts with six different exercises to complete over a six week period. The only equipment required is a set of gliders (available for next to nothing from Amazon and similar outlets), the use of which intensifies your workout, making your core and stabiliser muscles work harder. Gliders allow the workout to be fluid and versatile, teaching you a new skill based method of movement. The six week plan challenges you and increases in difficulty as you go along, using a variety of specially curated exercises that use body weight movements.

Not content with giving you a comprehensive and exciting workout plan, Dan and Christina have teamed up with nutritionist Rob Hobson , co-author of  The Detox Kitchen Bible . Within the bonus section, Rob delivers no-nonsense advice with easy-to-follow recipes thrown in.

Want to give That Methodology a try and fall in love with this simple yet challenging kick-ass workout? We challenge you to try out four of our favourite moves below to get yourself started.

Repeat each exercise for 60 seconds and take 30 seconds of rest between each move.

Yes M’ Lady

The Why

This unilateral dynamic lunge combination (training one side of the body at a time) sculpts the entire leg whilst the curtsy element really activates the smaller glute muscles. The movement significantly improves coordination, balance, hip flexibility, core stability and the performance of everyday movements.

The Position

Standing feet together, hands clasped in front of your chest, place the right ball of one foot on your glider.

The Movement

Glide the right leg diagonally behind you into a deep curtsy position allowing the left knee to bend at 90 degrees as you reach the arms towards the floor, keeping the chest proud. Return to standing and immediately glide your right leg into a lateral lunge so that the left knee bends at 45 degrees whilst the right leg straightens. Simultaneously, reach the left hand to the floor as you diagonally reach the right arm up and back stretching open the chest.

Repeat for 30 seconds on each side.

Not quite there yet?

If you’re struggling with this one then we suggest reducing the range of movement so you don’t lunge quite so low.

Slam Dunks

The Why

Develops strength and endurance in the upper body, in particular the chest, triceps and the front of your shoulders whilst challenging core strength throughout the movement.

The Position

To get into position come into full plank and simply lower the knees to the floor, crossing the ankles over. Place your hands on the discs directly below your shoulders. Your spine is one straight line as if you’re still in a plank, being mindful not to bend at the hips and stick your bum out.

The Movement

Slide your right hand out to the side allowing both your elbows to bend as you lower your chest a few inches from the floor. Now draw the glider back to the start position and repeat on the left side. We like to think of pushing the glider and pulling it back to create more resistance. Be mindful not to let the back arch by keeping your abdominals engaged throughout the move.

Earth + Sky

The Why

Side planks are an excellent exercise for working your deep core muscles whilst helping to tighten your midsection. In fact, they also engage the supporting leg to keep you up, as well as supporting the glutes, whilst strengthening your shoulders, arms and wrists.

The Position

Come into a side plank elevated on your left hand and both left and right foot, with your hips held high. Feet are staggered so that the right foot is in front and the glider is under the left foot. The shoulders are in line with the wrist and the neck is long. Reach your right arm upwards, gazing at your hand as you go.


From plank, lower your right hand to the side of your head and as you slide the left foot to bring the knee towards the chest, rotate the right elbow towards the left knee and then return to the start position.

Not Quite There Yet?

You can modify this movement by coming onto your forearm instead of your hand. If you are finding the movement too challenging, eliminate the upper body rotation for now and just work on the foot glide.

Repeat for 30 seconds on each side.

Ninja Monkey

The Why

This exercise integrates your whole body whilst challenging the nervous system to learn new movement patterns and awareness of your body in space. The hand-balancing component improves shoulder stability, wrist strength and core control.

The Position

Start in a deep squat, feet hip width apart and toes turned out with your knees open wider than your hips. Your hands should be held at knee height in front of you.

The Movement

Place your left hand to the floor followed by your right as you simultaneously lean your shoulders two inches forwards of your wrists to align your upper body correctly.

Focus on drawing your lower abdominals inwards to initiate the movement as you push off the balls of your feet, travelling to the right. Allow your trailing left foot to land first, lining it up behind your right hand. Once the right foot lands, lift your hands off the floor and sink back into a deep squat.

Not quite there yet?

Play with the movement, it does not have to be perfect and the more you try it, the more natural it will become.



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Camera: Nina Shaw
Clothing: Charli Cohen
Models: Emma Walsh  and  Sophie Grace Holmes

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