Soaring levels of air pollution in certain parts of the UK today could spell trouble for asthmatics and alfresco exercisers

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If you’re planning a run in the park today or suffer from asthma, heart or lung problems, it may be wise to avoid overdoing it in the great outdoors, as air pollution levels are expected to reach their highest level, according to Defra . Dust from the Sahara mingling with pollution both from the continent and the UK itself, combined with warm, still weather, mean that air pollution has risen to ‘10’.

Although expected to clear by the end of the day on Saturday, high levels of pollution can trigger health problems for those with respiratory issues in particular, but even those of us in good health are advised to go easy on outdoor exertion, especially next to busy roads, when air pollution levels reach their peak. Those living in the south and south east will be most affected, and while you shouldn’t imprison yourself indoors on such a beautiful day, ensure that you have your hayfever meds, inhaler and eye drops or a packet of tissues handy if you’re prone to problems. Don’t go thinking you’re let off the hook workout wise, however. This  indoor fitness tutorial  will get you moving no matter how small your lounge…