Granting you access to some of the UK’s most in-demand trainers, the ability to track your performance and a range of workouts at your fingertips, this really could be a game-changer

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If cost and travel issues are common barriers to your weekly exercise plans, the answer to your problems could be just a download away. Meet Fiit - the world’s first interactive fitness platform that allows you to workout with some of the UK’s most in-demand trainers from the comfort of your own home.

It’s a marked upgrade on your traditional fitness app - as well as enabling you to choose from a variety of different classes across three studios (Cardio, Strength and Rebalance) it also gives you the option to track your performance and compete against yourself and others via a strap worn across your chest (called a Fiit Device). This also allows you to receive real-time performance feedback for an overall more personalised experience. And to spur you on further, new classes are added daily so that you never get bored.

Co-founded by a team of former Google employees and receiving a reported £2.4m in investment, it looks set to take the world of fitness tech to the next level. From HIIT  to Hatha yoga, there’s a class for everyone, to bring the benefits of boutique fitness to your living room - and for the fraction of the cost.

Its roster of incredible trainers includes: Cat Meffan , one of London’s most popular yoga teachers, celebrity trainers Tyrone Brennard and BXR’s Richie Norton, trainer and body confidence blogger Chessie King and Third Space Head Trainer and Nike Master Trainer, Luke Worthington.

Speaking on her involvement with Fiit, Chessie King said, “I’ve always said I wish I could train with every one of my followers and Fiit has made the impossible, possible.

"Forget about those workout DVDs or fitness plans you bought but didn’t work. Fiit will make you the most confident you’ve been in your body, not just for 12 weeks, but for life.”

Now available on iOS and soon on Android, Fiit can be used across a range of different platforms - mobile, tablet and TV (as well as laptop if you have an HDMI cable). And with prices starting from £12 per month, it’s cheaper than the vast majority of gym memberships out there. Providing high quality classes at a refreshingly low cost, it looks like a game-changer as far as at-home workouts are concerned.

Find out more about FIIT here.

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